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Ethical hacking is one of the fastest growing fields that deal with finding the vulnerabilities of a system and aiding in resolving them to the maximum extent. If you are willing to enter the field, here are a few top ethical hacking interview questions that will provide you a handful of support to begin your learning journey.

Top Ethical Hacking Interview Questions

1. Explain what ethical hacking is.

It is the legal practice of intruding into a computer system, application, or network on behalf of the owner to find out the vulnerabilities and threats that can be used by a malicious hacker to exploit the firm.

2. What is hacking?

Hacking is an illegal intrusion into a network or a system wherein a person termed a hacker uses the computer to perform invalid or illegal activities such as privacy invasion, stealing personal or professional data, etc.

3. What are the common tools used for ethical hacking?

The best tools used for ethical hacking are:

  • Meta Spoiler
  • Wire Shark
  • NMAP
  • John the Ripper
  • Maltego

4. Is there any difference between an IP address and a Mac address?

An IP address is just like your postal address through which your device can easily be located on a network, while a Mac address is a unique serial number assigned to every network on which you will get a physical mail box on which only your network router is permitted to enter.

5. What are the advantages of ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is used to foil security attacks and helps in plugging loopholes. It helps in preventing data theft and also malicious attacks that can harm the system or network.

6. What are the types of ethical hackers?

There are a few types of ethical hackers:

  • Grey Box hackers/Cyberwarriors
  • Black Box penetration testers
  • White box penetration testers
  • A certified ethical hacker

7. What is footprinting in ethical hacking?

Footprinting is all about gaining the maximum information about the target network before peeping into it. It is the common approach used by most hackers before initializing the hacking activity.

8. What is an MIB?

MIB, i.e., management information base, is a virtual database that is used to carry all the information about the network objects that need to be managed using SNMP. This database is hierarchical, and each object in MIB is managed and addressed using object identifiers.

9. Which are the best sniffing tools?

The best and most commonly used sniffing tools are:

  • Tcpdump
  • Wireshark
  • Fiddler
  • EtherApe
  • Packet Capture
  • NetworkMiner
  • WinDump

10. Explain the Brute Force Hack?

It is the technique used to hack passwords and get access to the system or network resources. A hacker needs to know about JavaScript to learn it.

11. What is a DOS attack? What are its common forms?

A DOS, i.e., denial of service attack, is a malicious attack that is carried out by hackers in the form of flooding the network with useless traffic. Though it does not contain any information or security breach, handling it costs the owner a lot of money. Its common forms are: buffer overflow attacks, SYN attacks, Teardrop attacks, Smurf attacks, etc.

12. What is SQL injection?

SQL is a technique that is designed to steal data from an organization. SQL injection happens when you inject the content into a SQL query string and the output gets connected into a SQL query string. The result modifies the syntax unintentionally.

13. What is a phishing attack?

It is an attempt to steal sensitive information such as data, credit card numbers, etc. These attacks take place using personal email accounts or social networking sites.

14. What are the different types of password cracking techniques?

The different types of password cracking techniques are:

  • Dictionary attack
  • Brute force attack
  • Attack on a man in the middle
  • Traffic interception
  • Keylogger attack

15. What can an ethical hacker do?

An ethical hacker is a computer or network expert who can infiltrate a PC or network system on behalf of the owner in order to find the vulnerabilities or threats through which hackers can peep into the system and harm the company.

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Prepare well for the ethical hacking interview and be ready for cross-questions that may be asked after your answers. For better preparation, be in touch with the experts or professionals in the field.

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