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When we talk about cloud computing, we can’t avoid AWS. It is the leader in the cloud computing world. It offers heaps of cloud computing solutions, database storage solutions, and several other types of services to assist businesses and enterprises in the cloud world. Even for aspiring candidates, AWS brings in numerous career opportunities that will help them establish a strong and growing career. Let’s know top programming languages for AWS

When it comes to making a career in AWS, aspirants should be well-versed in different types of programming languages. All programming languages are useful in some way or another in AWS. Some programming languages have different characteristics, features, support systems, communities, etc. that help in making specified choices related to work processes. Those who are new to AWS must be familiar with the know-how of some of these languages to make a better start with it.

The Top Programming Languages One Should Know for AWS

Here are the top programming languages for AWS:


is an object-oriented programming language that comes with fewer dependencies. It is a secure and dynamic language that is known widely for its high-level performance. As one of the first languages used in business-critical ideas, it comes with a plethora of libraries and frameworks to aid in the programming endeavor.

Java services in AWS enjoy reliable and well-tested libraries and turned out to be platform-independent. Also, Java enables high performance that supports Amazon AWS services such as S3, EC2, etc.

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is a dynamic, high-level, open-source programming language that is known for its simplicity and beginner-friendly features. In the AWS world, it’s a new entry that brings in several advantages, such as:

  • It offers a faster start-up time than Java or C#.
  • It is highly readable and comes with a supportive community.
  • It avoids overly complicated architecture.

Python is used to build the applications on Amazon S3, EC2, and DynamoDB.

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is an object-oriented programming language that learners can learn without any previous coding experience. It is known to provide the necessary development support in the form of Ruby Gems, which define its reusable library. This language is known for its high scalability, and it’s easy to maintain big programs in it. Also, developers can find it easy to read and write because of its clean and easy syntax. This language is also suitable for automation purposes.

Ruby is the language that is considered the programmer’s best friend. It can be used against different applications on various Amazon services, such as S3, EC2, DynamoDB, etc.


it is defined as the open-source server-side scripting language known for its easy and simple to understand system compared to other available scripting languages. The PHP code needs to get executed on the server, which calls for the use of a web browser for execution. There are no particular rules for working with PHP. Instead, it is the only rule-free language other than several scripting languages and is used to host the webpages using AWS.

It is used to integrate PHP applications with AWS services such as Amazon Glacier, S3, and DynamoDB.


This is another new entry in the list of the languages that are supported by AWS, and one should know about it. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and are supported to run on different operating systems, such as OS X, Windows, and Linux. Yahoo and LinkedIn are currently using the Node.js application. It used to carry different modules that were known for helping developers with their applications. Also, compared to other languages such as C# or Java, Node.js offers a faster startup time. Users never buffer data from applications when using Node.js.

This language is known for handling the complexity of functions related to AWS services such as Amazon S3, EC2, SWF, and DynamoDB.


It is another language that must be there in the learner’s list of getting on the languages that will make you a pro in AWS cloud. This language offers relatable support for the concepts of object-oriented programming. This language is ideal for creating applications for Windows, Android, and iOS. It is considered the most preferred language in the world for creating applications.


It is yet another member of the language world that is an open-source programming language and is extensively used by developers all around the world. It is quite popular among the users, and several big names are using it, such as Netflix, Pinterest, and AWS. It offers a wide range of features such as lambda functions, smart casts, operator overloading, etc. This language is enough to make a person proficient in handling AWS cloud services.

The above languages are intended to guide learners on their path to careers with AWS cloud. The learners can take up the languages and prepare in some of them for a bright career with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the cloud computing world.

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