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Unlike the previous time, when the world of computer programming was somehow mysterious and meant for only a handful of computer programmers, modern times are highly advanced. Nowadays, many IT jobs ask for a grasp of the top programming languages to learn, and many aspirants are taking a keen interest in making their career in the IT world.

If you are also looking forward to advancing your career or thinking of entering the world of programming languages, then you might get stuck with numerous languages on your way. Whether you want to develop a mobile application or you want to make some advancement in the IT world, there is a need to learn some or other programming languages.

When it comes to choosing between the many, confusion is sure to rise. But before selecting the best one from the huge list, let’s understand what a top programming languages to learn is.

What is a Programming Language?

A programming language is defined as the means used by programmers that help them communicate with computers. A programming language carries a set of rules in which string values are converted to form machine code or graphical elements.

In general terms, you can take it as the mode of communication used by humans to instruct computers to perform some specified task.

Top Programming Languages to Learn

There are more than 700 programming language that had been serving the world of IT. Each and every language is meant for some specialized task. For aspiring programmers, it’s quite difficult to decide which language they should pick to kick-start their career. Thus, here are some top programming languages that are going to rule the IT world in 2022. Learn about them and select that matches your learning and professional purpose.


Python is the future of programming languages. Being the main coding language among most developers, its presence is enough to assure success in the creation and development of an application. It is known for its extensive libraries and it facilitates learning and processing of technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. It is known for its features such as being easy to code, an extensive collection of libraries and frameworks to support a plethora of applications, GUI support, etc.

If anyone wants to start their career in most demanding programming languages Python. Join a python training institute in gurgaon and learn from basic to advance level skills.


Java is known to be the most powerful programming language that has been ruling the programming world for ages. It is running on more than 3 billion devices and is the most popular technology. This programming language is used in creating desktop applications, mobile apps, web development, artificial intelligence, developing cloud applications, etc. It offers the candidates great learning exposure along with lucrative salaries, amazing growth opportunities, and global recognition. Java is known for its features such as helping in enhancing the productivity, performance, and security of the application and being the most secure language among others.

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It is taken as the most popular programming language as it is used in more than 97% of websites on the client-side web pages. Its important features are that it is known for its well-organized codebases that help in improving productivity and readability. This is easy to learn and always remains in high demand among users. It offers user input validation features. JavaScript works independently of any platform and offers great control over the browser’s usage. If you want to learn something special this year, you can choose JavaScript as learning it will not give you any sort of loss. It will certainly fuel your career.


It is known to be the cross-platform programming language that is used by more than 60% of developers in order to develop apps. It has gained the position of being the fourth most popular programming language. Its features are that it has a concise code and its enhanced salient features help in low formation of code as compared to Java. It is 100% interoperable. Those who want to build their career in Android app development can choose Kotlin as the best programming language option available till now.


It is a programming language that is particularly meant for statistical and graphical programming. Most statisticians and data miners use it for data analysis. This programming language is widely preferred in segments such as data analysis, telecom sectors, and financial domains. R is known for its features such as extended libraries for interactive graphics, an object-oriented programming language, and its support for cross-platform operations. It is highly extensible too. There are fewer people who are interested in learning this language, but the demand for its experts is continually growing. Thus, learning this language is a plus point for the learners.

You can choose from the list and select the best language to learn that matches your skill set and your future aspirations. If needed, you can master more than one language and pace up the career ladder.

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