Top Trending IT Courses to Learn
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In the past few years, technology has experienced a major leap. Every year, new technologies are coming online to give professionals a new space to achieve growth in their career. According to industry hiring experts, the IT sector is on the rise these days, and most IT behemoths are working to create new job opportunities for those who are constantly adapting to change and seizing the latest technological craze. Lets check here about Top Trending IT Technologies to Learn.

Employers are desperate to pay handsome salaries to those who are knowledgeable about the cutting-edge technologies of the current time. Thus, if you want to pursue an IT career in 2022, you should brush up on the latest technologies. The right blend of skills and knowledge of these technologies will give you steady growth in the industry from a career point of view.

The Top Technologies to Learn in 2022

Here are a few technologies that will Top Trending IT Technologies to Learn. Learners could find these technologies highly useful and rewarding from a career perspective.

Cyber Security
Data Science
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Marketing

Cyber Security

Cyber threats are continually rising, and this has given rise to the demand for professionals working on cyber security. With the help of cyber security initiatives, the entire world is taking measures to overcome the growing cyber-threats. India, too, is working hard and has shown great scope for aspirants who want to be a part of this interesting stream. With the rise in demand for cyber security professionals, this profession has received a great surge in the past few years. As it comes to the year 2022, this technology will receive great input from the aspirants and, of course, will create numerous career opportunities for the talented ones.

One must have a hold on the following skills to launch a career in cyber security:

  • Programming languages such as C, C++, Python, JavaScript, SQL
  • Blockchain security
  • Cloud security
  • AI
  • IoT security

Data Science

Since the world is experiencing the widest technological advancement, data scientists will be in the highest demand in the future. Data science is becoming more popular nowadays because the field of data science is multidisciplinary in nature. According to the experts, it is one such field that is going to offer more than 1 million jobs by 2025. Thus, one can take up this technology booster in order to boost their career in the near future. To build a career in Data Science learn data science course in gurgaon

Here are a few skills that are required to build a career in data science:

  • Programming languages: Python, R
  • Knowledge of data execution and processing
  • Statistics
  • Data visualization
  • Hadoop platform
  • SQL database
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Knowledge of business strategy

To launch a career in data science, it’s important that you catch up with in-depth knowledge about the in-demand skills and job roles associated with data science.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a new-age technology that is being applied in a variety of industries. The potential of AI is constantly growing and creating new career opportunities for talented professionals. It had been expected that AI was the field that was going to receive somewhere around a 74% growth rate in the following year. Thus, immense career opportunities are on the way.

To launch a career in AI, you should groom yourself with the following skills:

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, Java, and C++
  • Linear algebra and statistics.
  • Signal processing techniques
  • Neural network architectures

Digital Marketing

Since every other company is using digital channels, there is a scope for aspirants to explore new career opportunities in the field. Since the use of social media channels, SEO and other digital media channels has increased, there has been a huge demand for talented professionals who can give their best to serve the community with the right services. Thus, this field is constantly growing, thereby opening its doors to immense career opportunities. To up skill your career in Digital Marketing join the digital marketing training in gurgaon.

Here are a few skills that can help you launch your digital marketing career:

  • Data analysis
  • Content creation
  • SMM and SEO
  • CRM


Citrix is growing in demand in the fields of data and technological innovation. It had settled down as the most effective, competitive, and marketable certification that had offered aspiring IT professionals new horizons in their career. It contributes to the holder’s professional credibility, which aids him in providing competitive solutions to businesses. So, this year, hone your Citrix skills by learning Citrix Course.

A few skills are there that can help you become a Citrix administrator:

  • Knowledge to analyze network and system performance.
  • AppSense
  • App for Cloud Gateway
  • App-V
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


When we talk about the virtualization scale in the market, VMware appears as the king. It has given so much to the IT sector that it still creates numerous career opportunities for aspiring individuals. Currently, VMware is pushing itself from being the VMware datacenter king to being the king of multi-cloud. Thus, you can find a good number of career opportunities if you learn about VMware course.

The following skills will help you become proficient in VMware:

  • In-depth knowledge of vSphere
  • ESXi
  • vCloud

Industry experts highly recommend the above Top Trending IT Technologies to Learn. However, due to the non-availability of the right blend of skills and knowledge, many aspirants are losing their best career opportunities. Thus, if you wish to build a career in the above technologies, you should immediately kick start your learning path and gain in-depth knowledge to move further.

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