trustworthy ai solves data science challenges
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Trustworthy AI is the new buzzword that is gaining popularity nowadays. Trust in analytics does not happen automatically. Instead, it requires the data to be collected properly, with proper and effective cleaning, including storage, to ensure end-to-end solutions that help in maintaining trust in the data science team. Get to know the ai solve data science challenges

AI these days is growing every minute. If you look at the stats showcasing the global AI market, you will find that AI is present in almost every industry. In business strategy, it plays an important role. Those who are using AI find that data access is a challenge, but most of the AI models depend upon accurate data collected from multiple sources.

As per the experts, if there is a need to achieve success in AI and ML, then one should keep trust in the data, its models, and its processes. Trustworthy AI resembles the use of data sources to make the best of the AI pipeline.

Why is trust in AI important?

Just think a little bit farther. If you want a loan or you are applying for a job, you have to present your true self to the other party to have trust in you. Of course, trust is something that keeps everything going. Similarly, AI is applied to many processes. When you start a machine, it replies with some presumptions on the basis of which you process it further. Have you ever thought of disagreeing with its presumptions? No, you must not have. Why? It’s because of the trust in that machine, which ultimately takes you to its AI process, that it’s taken as transparent and fair in its predictions.

What are the common concerns about trustworthy AI?

Well, everything in this world is not permanent, so neither is technology. How can you just believe that technological advancement can be trustworthy? Like everything has its flaws, so does AI, i.e., Artificial Intelligence. There are several issues related to trustworthy AI. Some of them explain ability, robustness, transparency, privacy, accuracy, reliability, resistance, accountability, fairness, safety, and many others. If you look at it in other words, you will find that sometimes the outcome of the AI is seen as unfair, not transparent, unreliable, and unaccountable.

What is the reason behind the concerns regarding trustworthy AI?

In recent cases, AI is taken as something that can predict and prescribe solutions and take the place of humans. Many cases have been observed wherein AI proves this thing and has presented some successful application areas as well. Nowadays, AI is taken as the solution to getting the best song as per your choice, getting directions to your destination, moving the spam to separate folders, and can even be used as something that can drive a car. Seeing a such wonderful performance by AI, experts have taken it for granted to solve the issues related to organizing production, taking financial decisions, handling HR work, managing electricity production, transportation, etc. This is where the concerns arrive.

This is where people get to know about AI failures in context with predictions and prescriptions. The outcomes, as expected, are not up to the mark, and then the concern for trustworthy AI arises.

As and when the failures are presumed, now, users want more clarity on the data and the processes. This is where trustworthy AI is applied to find out more details on the data, processes, and models. In short, such instances are enough to create new challenges for the data science team.

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How trustworthy ai solve data science challenges?

When it comes to applying trustworthy AI as per users’ demand, here are a few things that are taken into consideration. A reliable AI aids in the reduction of complexities and the enhancement of productivity. Despite the data being distributed across several platforms, there is complete coverage of data protection to eliminate data theft or loss. The trustworthy ai solve data science challenges in:

  • Maintaining consistency
  • Managing the policies and the rules
  • Automating data privacy and security
  • Improving data quality

It’s not that following the above things will get you a trustworthy outcome, but to build trust in your data science team, you need to process the data effectively.

Trustworthy AI helps the data science team in:

  • Automating the metadata collection to ensure that all the model details are automatically collected and stored for better transparency.
  • Automating model production using any tool that supports model retraining and monitors the models timely for accuracy, bias, and fair outcome.
  • Managing, monitoring, and reporting the risk associated with the entire model development lifecycle.

To overcome the challenges faced by data science, there is a need to:

  • Put trust in data.
  • Put trust in data models.
  • Put your trust in the processes.

With the right tools and trust, trustworthy AI can easily overcome the shortcomings faced by AI in its earlier times.

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