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6 Things You Need to Know about VMware Certification, VMware creates server as well as desktop virtualization software streamlines IT operations. The core centre is the general IT infrastructure.

Data centres throughout the cloud along with on mobile devices highly acknowledge its prevalence. The flagship data centre platform vShare from VMware is a part of the vCloud Suite.

Moreover, it is acknowledged for major VMware products including Horizon, vSAN and the vRealize Suite. Founded in 1998, VMware has now become a subsidiary of EMC Corporation in 2004.Headquartered in Palo Alto, California it is now a leader in the field of virtualization.

In this plot, you’ll discover 6 Things You Need to Know about the VMware certifications.


VMware Certifications are now becoming the foundation for many IT professionals. It is especially beneficial for people interested to work in data centres and virtual environments.

Based on proprietary technology like vShare, VMware certifications have now started introducing changes in response to technology changes. It has now changed the Version 6 certifications to its Version 7. Broadly, VMware certifications consist of four broad categories. Have a look below.

VMware Certifications

There are six levels of certification for virtualization professionals as follows:

VMware Datacenter Certifications are as follows:

  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)
  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)
  • VMware Desktop Certifications are as follows:
  • VMware Certified Associate (VCA-DT)
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP-DT)
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP-DT)

In these six certifications, each level comes inclusive of specific certifications that are totally dedicated to areas of technology. The areas are networking, hyper-convergence, automation, virtual desktop infrastructure, and cloud computing.

There are some handpicked in-demand certifications that include the list of Advanced Design Professional Certifications. These days some of the most demanded certifications are the VCAP-DCD, VCAP-DTD, and VCAP-CID.

These are customized for the elite IT professionals who have reached the pinnacle of talents. The VMware certification helps with the validation of their expertise.

Professionals who have experience in Two years' deployment VMware NSX environments as well as exposed to the general IT field can try for this certification.

For obtaining the credential, only the candidates who possess the VCP6-NV certification are eligible. Besides, they must also pass the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 that consists of Network Virtualization Deployment exam.

Is obtaining VMware certifications a tricky one or easy?

The certification definitely requires hand-on experience. VMware Training is mandatory for the candidates before going for the main exam.

The insistence is given towards hands-on training and attendance in the training courses for gaining practical knowledge. In this way, the candidates can excel in the field of expertise. The training courses will train them adequately for answering the questions.

Passing the examination definitely requires a lot of hard work and attention to the core entities in the syllabus. The certification holds no value if the marks are not up to the expectations.

The results totally depend on the individual and the amount of hard work he or she has dedicated to pursuing the course and preparing for the exam.

VMware Certification Cost

A VMware Certified Professional certification is now available at $250 and goes up from $225. Again, you will get the VMware Certified Advanced Professional exam around costs $450, up from $400.

VMware Certification Benefits

  • The candidates agree that the certification has enhanced the credibility and brought improvement in job productivity. Overall, the VMware certification develops an ability to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • The VMware certification makes the candidates capable of managing complex projects and issues.
  • After pursuing the course and going through the exam procedure, the candidates also witness a surge in
  • the earning power with the improved career prospect.
  • Besides everything else, there are some other VMware certification benefits. VMWare Technology
  • offers a plethora of certifications for helping demonstrate and facilitated the efficiencies in the field.
  • The roadmap guides through the available certification courses and level of expertise for the individuals
  • aspiring for VMWare Technology.
  • It comes with the high-end benefits in the expertise like data centre virtualization, cloud management
  • and automation, network virtualization, as well as, desktop and mobility.

VMware Certification Salary

Average Median VMware certification salary completely varies for VMware Certified Professionals. The recent research suggests an average salary for the VMware certified professional (in India) as follows.

  • Systems Administrator: INR 586,780
  • System Administrator of Windows Server: INR 657,000
  • Senior System Analyst: INR 1,017,682
  • Senior Systems Engineer: INR 650,000
  • Systems Engineer: INR 499,100
  • Information Technology Consultant: INR 1,346,525
  • Technical Consultant: INR 855,803
  • The salaries at the global level are as follows:

Mean annual VMware certification salary:

  • for VMware certified datacenter virtualization professionals:
    • VCP: $88,000
    • VCAP: $103,000
    • VCDX: $156,000
  • for VMware certified desktop virtualization professionals:
    • VCA-DT: $81,000
    • VCP-DT: $98,000
    • VCAP-DT: $115,000

To conclude

We have suggested the most relevant information concerning VMware Certifications. If you want further ideas, you can suggest your queries.

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