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CEHs, i.e., certified ethical hackers, are information security professionals who are trained to identify and remove the vulnerabilities in networks. Also, these professionals are trained in order to perform the practices that help in preventing data breaches. The certified ethical hackers are trained with the tactics, techniques, and procedures that most black-hat hackers use to manipulate an organization’s system, but the difference lies in the mindset of the professionals. They are trained to safeguard an organization’s system against vulnerabilities and threats. Here we will know what is new in CEH V12

CEH Learning Program

To train such individuals who want to make a career in ethical hacking, a CEH learning program is designed that carefully presents a curate training plan. This training plan focuses on guiding the aspirants with all the hacking practices and techniques that help them perform their role in cybersecurity. The CEH learning program is termed CEH v12. This program covers 5-phases of ethical hacking. They are stated as:

Reconnaissance is the preparatory phase in which the attacker gathers information about the target.

Scanning includes different tools that are used to collect information that helps in detecting vulnerabilities.

Gaining access: when an attacker gains access to a system or network in order to launch an attack.

Maintaining access includes the persistence of an attacker who continues to access a system even if it is logged off.

Covering tracks: it includes leaving no artifacts of the work that had been done before, such as removing tools, scripts, etc.

This program is prepared to train an individual to think like a hacker and ensure that an organization gets prevented from being a victim.

What is New in CEH V12?

With time, technology changes, and so did the CEH v12 learning program as it adopted the change. The new learning program appears with training, labs, assessments, and mock tests to learn about the techniques that are enough to fight against a series of global hacking competitors.

The new learning framework uses a 4-phase methodology that includes an in-depth learning experience that prepares the individuals to become certified cybersecurity professionals. This 4-phase learning framework includes the steps: learn, certify, engage, and compete.

4-Phase Learning Framework

The new 4-phase learning framework of CEH v12 incorporates training, hands-on learning labs, assessments, practice tests, cyber competitions, etc. This new learning framework is a better version of what was offered before. Here are its different phases.

new 4-phase learning framework of CEH v12


The CEH v12 training in delhi program brings in 20 modules that cover a wide variety of technologies, tactics, and procedures that offer the basic knowledge that is required to strive in the hacking profession. The modules are divided with the purpose of delivering theoretical and practical knowledge. Whatever tactic is discussed in the theoretical session, a practical experience is delivered to the learners to make the concepts clear. This is done to familiarize aspirants with practical knowledge via a virtualized environment.


Getting certified is another phase of the CEH V12 learning framework. Being a certified ethical hacker is somewhat of a badge that makes you recognizable across the globe. This is the most trusted certification, and it is used as a baseline measurement of a person’s ability to handle ethical hacking and security testing concepts. The CEH certification exam will consists of 125 questions which are to be taken within a time span of 4 hours.  It is designed to measure the candidate’s knowledge in ethical hacking domains. Once the exam is done, a candidate needs to go through a practical exam that includes 20 challenges that need to be done within 6 hours. This allows an individual to gain the title of CEH Master.

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In the new CEH v12 learning framework, aspirants will have to go through a 4-phase engagement procedure that allows them to think critically and apply the knowledge and skills they have gathered during the course. The 4-phases are vulnerability assessment, gaining access, mobile, IoT, and OT exploitation, and perimeter and web app exploitation. This phase will analyze a candidate’s ability to perform the live application of skills in a consequence-free environment.


In the new learning framework, this is the newly added segment that includes some challenges that are known for providing capture-the-flag style competitions. These competitions will expose the hackers to working on a variety of modern technologies and platforms. The flags are designed around the ethical hacking process that helps in keeping the CEH skills updated, allows the aspirants to access their critical thinking abilities, and covers the most possible and latest vulnerabilities.

The 4-phase learning framework, when combined, prepares an individual to work as a certified ethical hacker.

Job Roles Available After CEH v12

The CEH certification allows the individual to explore the following job roles:

  • Mid-Level Information Security Auditor
  • Cybersecurity Auditor
  • Security Administrator
  • IT Security Administrator
  • Cyber Defense Analyst
  • vulnerability assessment analyst
  • Warning Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Administrator
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Network Security Engineer
  • SOC Security Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • Senior Security Consultant
  • Information Security Manager
  • Senior SOC Analyst

Is CEH in Demand?

Of course, seeing the growing impact of threats and attacks by hackers, CEH professionals are in high demand. Contrary to this, the supply is still less, which is creating more career opportunities for the aspiring ones.

CEH v12 is intended to teach aspirants the entire body of knowledge and skills through an entirely new learning process that prepares the individual to learn, engage, certify, and compete in the process. This makes an individual a valuable certified member of the cybersecurity community.


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