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CEH v11 provides knowledge about the latest Malware analysis. Besides, there are tactics for the ransomware, banking, as well as financial malware. Besides, there are also other options like the IoT botnets, OT Malware analysis, Android Malware, as well as others.

The New Approach

There is an address to the approach of a hacker. Overall, the council is set for launching the all-new version that will be an added option to the curriculum to the latest advancements in the cybersecurity field.

Besides that, there are also previous versions that are intact and use the new segments with the addition as well as the removal of the few topics that have proved to be obsolete.

The latest version also comes with the addition of server less computing API, Web API and web shell are the new introductions. 

There are also practical aspects that are perfect for labs and all-inclusive of the Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Android, as well as parrot security. 

  • The updated CEH v11 course is inclusive of the latest use of tools that are perfect for the security practitioners as well as the pen testers across the world.
  • The updated cloud, as well as IOT models, make use of the container Technologies and the cloud computing threats for reducing the chances of further threats
  • There are important specialty7 areas that are inclusive of the NICE framework for the protection and different of the job role category
  • The programs also include the new operating systems Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, as well as Windows 10 all of which are well configured over the previous models.

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CEH v11 Course Objectives with Understanding 

The prime focus of CEH v11 Course is on the testing of knowledge of the core security concepts. Besides, there is an adequate resource, evaluation of the probabilities, or assessment of the infrastructure.

It also gives identification and analyses of the points while providing remediation for the protection against opponents of the cyber attacks.

Consequently, there are concepts learned like ethical hacking, information security, cyber skill chain concepts, and laws pertaining to the regulations of information security.

Besides, there are also highlights of the foot printing, the concept of forming of the network scan, enumeration techniques, vulnerability assessment, phases of system hacking, Malware threat analysis, analysis of viruses, worms, trojans social engineering concept, and so on.

There are also options for learning about denial of Service Security options that make use of the Fireworks, web server, and applications, as well as SQL injection.

Besides, one will also get ideas about wireless encryption hacking as well as Bluetooth hacking concepts. The operational Technology Essentials methodologies, threats as well as attack prevention also work as the core concept.

Eligibility criteria 

For becoming eligible to attempt the CEH v11 Certification, one has to opt for attending the official hacking training from the approved academic institution.

There is a requirement of attempting the exam without the official hacking training.

It is desirable to have 2 years of work experience in the domain of information security life.

Online training under the instructor means a good facility for learning the course.

Sometimes master class also works as the fabulous solution for operating the opportunity for learning from the world-class training partners.

Everything is becoming beneficial in collaborating knowledge with peers while gaining real-world skills.

Purpose- CEH V11 Course

The purpose is to go ahead with building the established and governed standards for the credentialing of professional information security.

Besides, it has the flexibility of working in ethical hacking measures. There is information gained regarding the public. The credentials meet or exceed the minimum standard.

There is a reinforcement of the ethical hacking along with the unique and self-regulating profession.

Overall, the program is well customized for giving the desired information security training program for mastering the hacking Technologies.

You will get the course that is accredited for advanced hacking, Tools and techniques usage as well.

Course From a Reputed Coaching Centre

The program helps in mastering the ethical hacking methodology while going ahead with the penetration testing or ethical hacking situation as well.

The Ethical hacking course in Gurgaon is perfect for offering a high level of technical education to the students, clients, as well as the partners involved in the industry.

The reliable Coaching Centre like SSDN Technologies can ensure specialization and information security, technical education, as well as technical training.

You will get the options for going through the live online training as well as the classroom training that is inclusive of interactive classroom training.

Based on the life project, there are International certification options. Besides, there are options for getting corporate training as well that provide training in the corporate sector.

Everything favors enhancement of the skills, implementation of performance workshops, and seminars. So, it helps in filling the gap between the industry requirement as well as the students.

There is a 100% job guarantee of around 4 or 5 lacs per annum after going through the certification course.

Final word

So, book your seat to get the customized CEH v11 training in delhi from SSDN Technologies. 

4.5 2 votes
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