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For IT professionals, various courses and certification programs are organized and offered by reputed institutions in collaboration with top brands the world. RHCE Certification is also one of the most demanding types, of course, that proves your ability to securely deploy and configure networking services on Linux servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is also the right option to enhance your knowledge and skill in the areas of Linux system automation and administration. For those who want to give a strong start to their career with a good salary hike and designation in an esteemed organization, pursuing such courses is beneficial in a number of ways. A good scope is visible with secure career growth and good fortune. You have to find the right institution or a company where live training sessions are run.

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Now, many certification programs and courses are available for IT professionals, but the specially designed one gets more fame among people due to its specialized features. The RHCE certification is a highly demanding course used by professionals to prove their ability to configure and deploy networking services on the Linux servers. If you want to boost your skills and knowledge in the segments of Linux system administration and automation, you can simply opt for this program.

The good thing about this certification program is that it not only gives a powerful start to your career but also aids you in receiving a designation in any esteemed organization and an excellent salary hike. There is an excellent scope is actually visible with both good fortune and secure career development. It is excellent news for IT professionals that there are many companies and institutions offer this training session at very affordable rates.

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  1. About RHCE Certification
  2. Why RHCE Very Popular?
  3. What are Career Opportunities after RHCE Certification?
  4. Average of RHCE Salary
  5. RHCE Certification Cost
  6. Prerequisites for RHCE Certification
  7. Recommended Training for RHCE Exam
  8. RHCE Jobs
  9. Who Are Ideal to Complete RHCE Certification?
  10. RHCE Training
  11. Conclusion


About RHCE Certification

  • In general, RHCE or Red Hat Certified Engineer is known as the crown jewel of the Linux certifications.
  • It will prove the candidates eligibility via live systems in an effective manner.
  • On that basis, the RHCE Certification will prove the candidates ability to configure the security on servers and then configure the networking services which is running the red hat enterprise Linux.
  • Basically, RHCE Certification is considered to be the mid level certification, which is for administrators who will support Linux operating system as the major server platform for their working field.
  • Sure it will be effective.


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The RHCE is one of the IT certification given by Red Hat. The main purpose of designing this certification program is to impart particular knowledge and skills related to different products of Red Hat. It also helps people to increase their knowledge of Linux. The RHCE certification course aims to enable you to gain the skills while developing abilities and skills which are required by an expert senior system administrator for managing the Linux systems of Red Hat Enterprise.

The biggest benefit IT professionals can receive is that this certification program is a highly preferred Linux accreditation across the world that translates into endless job offers and an extremely rewarding career. This certification program not only brings you certain also aids you to increase your ability for handling some other distribution systems Linux. It includes SuSe, Mandrake and TurboLinux.


What are Career Opportunities after RHCE Certification?

India is the outsourcing hub and a center of corporate headquarters of various big MNCs and corporate entities. This is all that provide better opportunities for IT professionals. If you have successfully completed the RHCE Certification, you will have better career opportunities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. This course is offered to get you involved in hands-on-practice exercises and lab so that you know about new features and capabilities of the Linux environment.


Average of Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Salary

Red Hat Certified Engineer is watchful as the highest giving certification courses in Linux field received the salary of roughly about $90,000 per year. It is significant to know that rhce salary in India will vary from one Red Hat Certified Engineers to one based on their job character.

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RHCE Salary

Source: PayScale


RHCE Certification Cost

When you decide to take the RHCE training program, you need to know the red hat certification cost. The cost of Red Hat Certified Engineer Certification is based on the red hat 15,000.00 INR or three Training Units.


RHCE Exam NameRed Hat Certified Engineer Certification Exam
RHCE Exam CodeEX300
RHCE Exam Duration3.5 Hours
RHCE Exam FormatPerformance-based task
Number of Task10-15
RHCE Exam Fee16, 500 INR
RHCE Exam Validity3 Years


Prerequisites for RHCE Certification

RHCE Certification course for Linux network can figure the networking service as well as security over a running server.
This course provides with the advanced level so that learner can simply configure an internet small computer systems interface.
It provides block-based and also files based storage support to learn completely.


Red Hat Certified System Administrator Training (RH-124)
Red Hat Certified System Administrator Training (RH-134)
Red Hat Certified Engineer Training (RH-254)

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RHCE Jobs Opportunities After Complete The RHCE Certification

There is a lot of job scope for RHCE beginners and experienced both. You will get partiality if you have it but you also need to have knowledge.


Opportunities That You Will Get After Complete the RHCE Course

It is a well-recognized fact that India can be considered as the best hub and also an Adobe of corporate headquarters of several corporate entities and big MNCs.  These are specialized features that offer excellent career opportunities for IT professionals. Once you have completed this certification program, you will get a wonderful opportunity in the Linux environments of Red Hat. The rhce salary in India is really great, so you can utilize this excellent chance properly. This kind of certification course is offered to get IT professionals involved in the hands-on-practice lab and exercise. Hence, they can easily know about the capabilities and new features of this Linux environment.

There are better opportunities of giving a head start to your career after completing RHCE Certification in Delhi. After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Set Kernel parameters at runtime and learn to configure network static routes.
  • Learning configuration of network address translation and packet filtering.
  • Implementation (after configuration) of Internet Small Computer System Interface or ISCSI Initiator.
  • Using shell scripting to automate system maintenance tasks and configure system logging that include logging from remote.
  • Generate reports on system behavior and utilization.
  • Configure a system to provide services like Web servers (HTTP/HTTPS, Secure Shell, Network File System (NFS), Network Time Protocol (NTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Server Message Block (SMB), and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

There is a lot more that you will learn and get to know through such certificates and programs that are ideal to boost your career and ensure higher salaries with good growth in the future.



Who Are Ideal to Complete RHCE Certification?

For those RHCSAs who wish to earn a senior-level credential and for those who are working as system administrators (but not certified). In addition, for those professionals who have completed Red Hat Certified System Administrator training I, II course and for those who have completed RHCE Rapid Track Courses. In addition, system administrators who need a certificate for their job or by mandate, pursuing one such course will give new niche to their career growth and make them able to work in large organizations.

SSDN Technologies is a dynamic platform fulfilling your desire to pursue such certification courses for better career and bright future. You have to enroll your name and leave the rest of the work on experts working here.

RHCE Training

RHCE certification is very important examination to test knowledge, skills, and ability to require a senior most position. With limited vacancy, postings are done so that it is essential for the candidates to go for rhce courses online. It provides self services to access in hands on labs and more than 50 courses in it. It is a leading course for Linux network administrators who wish to configure networking services and security on serves. Each and every one candidate get 100% secure career after getting this certification. In this way, SSDN Technologies are delivering this course so that candidates have to admit and learn the outcomes well.



In simple words, the certification program brings you more to learn from it. The precise knowledge not only helps you to enhance your career but also ensure better salaries with excellent growth in your future


3.3 3 votes
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