What makes Site Structure & Internal Linking Critical for SEO Success
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We live in an age when the online space rules supreme. So, no matter which sector your business may be in, its online success has become critical like never before. When we speak of online presence, you would be aware that the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings matter. A higher ranking could make a whole lot of difference to your business online. So, we have to look for ways and means that would enhance the rankings on the SERP, and that is what any SEO agency in USA strives for. You also need to note that various factors determine the SERP rankings. Out of the many, the Site Structure and internal linking also are vital determinants for the same.

Before we get into further details about the Site Structure and Internal Linking in SEO, let us try and understand what Site Structure is about.

What is the Site Structure about?

Putting it in simple terms, the site structure is the way the website is organized. It is on account of both from the point of view of the users and the search engines. The primary purpose of creating the site structure is to ensure that the information available on it is easily navigable. The primary aim is to ensure that the users can easily find out the information they are seeking.

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How to optimize the Site Structure?

The first and foremost objective when it comes to site structure is to ensure that the data and information are organized so that the web page is optimized. So, the information needs to be classified under various heading tags. It must be done logically to ensure that the keywords are appropriately optimized.

Organizing the pages according to topics

Having proper keyword research is, of course, very important, without any doubt. But at the same time, one also needs to pay close attention to the topics as well. These need to be presented on the web pages appropriately in a logical manner. By doing this, you would provide a more holistic approach to potential users on your website. It is what must direct the potential buyer to arrive smoothly at a buying decision. The Page targeting and content must be such that it should clear away any doubts or clarifications that the potential buyer may be looking to be clarified. Following the process, he must be able to think clearly and must be able to buy.

On the other hand, keyword research is still a significant factor that enables the desired SERP rankings. Putting it in other words, the site structure is about balancing it out between what the user and the need of the search engines for higher rankings.

Keywords need to be added more intelligently into the web content

If you want your web pages to rank higher, it is just about putting the keywords on the content. Search engines now work more intelligently than that. It also takes into account what topics need to be covered for obtaining higher ranks. So here again, along with the keywords, the topics covered are to be taken into account as well.

It would help if you focused on the websites Information Structure (IA)

Apart from the topics what is essential to establish the internal links between the web pages and the topic. How this is done is known as Information Architecture (IA). Once the web pages and topics have been identified, they need to be supported with the supporting content to achieve the desired results.

Building Up The Internal Links

For achieving a site structure that would deliver the right search engine results and for it to be effective internal link building is also critical. Here again, whether it is from the point of view of the overall user experience or the point of view of the search engines, the site structure must link the website’s internal web pages in such a way that they can easily be found. You must realize that unless the correct internal links have been appropriately placed, neither the users nor the search engines would easily find them out. So, in other words, the very purpose of the content on the web pages is defeated no matter how good its quality is.

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It is also a great way to enable the web page to rank for the related terms, in other words, the secondary key words. Internal linking is something that helps the content created to resonate, which has a positive impact both on the users as they can recall easily where they had found it and for search engines too.

To conclude, we hope that through this blog, we have established the importance of having the proper site structure and internal linking and how the exact needs to be done ideally.

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