Why Digital Marketing is an important part of business in this modern Internet Era?

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Digital Marketing plays an important role in business development due to its various factors which influence the growth of profit oriented business. The factors of Digital Marketing are given below.


Important Factors of Digital Marketing

Organizing suitable sales and marketing strategy  as per business area.

Arrange a  suitable financial budget, within customer’s capabilities.

Creating different selling options for buyers.

Should have good knowledge about customer likes and dislikes.

Finalize Deal as per customer’s choice.

Marketing is not meant for sale, but an action to increase the volume of sales.

The committed Timelines should be properly analyzed and should keep proper time range to rewrite the content as per customers.

Great Revolution

The progression of your company can be organized through the advanced digital activities to reach a bigger volume of customers with the lesser invested amount, by providing more attractive and effective high quality content.

Though there are many strategies available, but some main strategies are given below:

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Google Analytics

The Digital Marketing process can be weak in the absence of any of the above 4 main strategies.

1.Search Engine Optimization:  The Client is the “King”

SEO can be self explanatory as Search Engine Optimization to reach better ranking in various search engines. Ethical or White Hat SEO is the ideal activity to reach prospective clients within your business targeted area.

Tactics to get higher ranking on Search Engines

The SEO professionals need to follow certain principles or disciplines made by Google Admin, in order to achieve top ranking in Google.

Following are the major components of SEO activities.

Potential Keywords

Meta tag Description and Titles

High Quality Backlinks

Unique and attractive Content

Social Media Marketing

SEO works depend on Experience and creativity

The result of SEO campaigns will vary with experience and creativity of SEO professionals.

As per latest survey conducted by MOZ, more than 200 factors were found such as Domain names, Web Pages eligibility, Page content, Backlinks, Traffics and Features, etc.

2.Content Marketing

Many people are searching information on Search Engines for their requirement. Now, you must be wondering that which site, the people can find for their requirement. Those websites will be listed on the top pages of the search engine or near the top engine, whose content is unique and high quality copyrighted.

 “Content Marketing could be defined as the creative marketing strategies for providing relevant and useful, best unique content to convince the visitors or audience for proceeding towards finalization of the deal.”

Genuine Threats in content marketing

The genuine threat for this content marketing strategy is the difference in value and quality of content mostly in the educational or Academic variety. The procedure of content writing changes according to its use.

For expansion of your content marketing program, you need to publish additional content types as given below

Webinars and Case studies

Video Clips on YouTube and Vimeo

Learning series & Podcasts


Mobile Apps and Infographics

Research Reports and Learning series

 3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the best interactive platform for both service provider and customer. For SEO campaign, this is the important source of traffic generation for improvement of ranking. Some of popular Social media Networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumble Upton, Pinit, Twitter, etc.

4.Google Analytics

The Google analytics can be the well established platform to provide reporting on clicks. It can be free or paid Platform.

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