Why Digital Marketing is Booming
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By now, you’ve probably heard the word ‘Digital Marketing’ and its success stories related to various business models. At this time, the extent of digital marketing looks extremely awesome. It can be called as a booming profession alternative for the youths in the nation.

Digital marketing has prevailed with regards to having an astoundingly strong effect in the Advertising and Marketing field with unquestionably the most striking components like speedy reaction, cost-competence, versatility, accommodation and practicality. Just like in 90’s, IT industry experienced the boom, so as digital marketing is experiencing the boom in present time.

Reasons for Such Budding and Booming Phase

Have you ever questioned as to what are the reasons behind such popularity of digital marketing landscapes? Hopefully, there are a few reasons that put light on the spell of digital marketing and its process of attracting targeted audience online.

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Growing use of the internet

Current era had already demonstrated the massive change experienced by the people after the intervention of the internet. Nowadays, an expansive number of people are moving towards the internet world to meet their day-to-day necessities.  Right, from a consumer to the manufacturer and seller of various products and services, everybody is taking a leap with the advent of internet technology. Additionally, the reduced prices of internet had allowed every other common person to carry a Smartphone that results in wider internet usage. All such instances bring about new heights to the digital marketing field.

Online purchases become easy

This is another reason that has given rise to the scope of digital marketing. The online stage has encountered an aggregate change in the previous couple of years with the growing internet business. You will be shocked to discover that shopping is the third most searched category that had been conducted by various users. These days, every second person surfs the internet or say, shopping portals for some or the other product. This shows that the online business market is going to experience an explosive development in the coming years and so as the digital marketing stream.

Online purchases become easy

Rise in the employment opportunities

Another reason that had cleared that digital marketing is booming. Seeing the rising outlook of the online purchases, it is expected that digital marketing will offer more than 2lakh employments in the year 2018. Of course, the anticipation carries various job profiles related to digital marketing, covering the technical and analytics profiles too.

High development rate compared to other streams

Compared to other industries, digital marketing is seeking the development at the rate of 40%, much more than other industries that are battling with less than half the development rates. The more the promotional campaigns are coming up through the internet, the higher are the chances for sudden development.

Some statistics reveal the development

If you are still confused, have a look at some of the statistics shown below:

  • At this time, around 85-90% people search for their favorite product or service online, before making the purchase.
  • Search queries in Google that ranges between 10000-12000/day in 1998 cross around 500crore/day in 2014.
  • YouTube views crosses all bars with a coverage of over 1lakh videos viewed in few seconds.
  • Every single second, a new user connects on social media.
  • More than 90% of the purchases are made after reading the reviews posted by other users.

Summing up the things will give you the perfect reason as to why digital marketing is booming today.

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