Why One Should Learn Java
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The buzzword in Software Industry today is “Hadoop”, i.e. Distributed File System. With spike in data every minute, either by continuous loading of pictures & videos on social media or by sharing humongous information on millions of websites, industries are moving towards BigData. Hence, there is a huge demand for IT Professionals and Software Developers who could work on this platform. And, one should not be amazed to find that these environments at core are written in Java programs. Let’s check here Why One Should Learn Java?

There is no doubt that Java is so much in demand in Software Industry. Today, Java is everywhere! The backend environment of the most popular tech giants like Amazon or Google, is no doubt based on Java. The concept of distributed file system was firstly introduced by Google itself. Not only that, applications of android are also written in Java. The trends and graphs shows that a Java programmer is in higher demand in industry compared to other programmers.

Coming back to the original question, i.e.

what are the perks of learning Java?

At first, it’s friendly. Friendly how? As the language itself was designed considering the programmer is not so careful always. Also, it’s a high level language which means it’ll take care of managing things. How cool is that! The ease of learning and portability of the language is commendable. Apart from them it’s an Object Oriented Programming language. The IDE of Java is very mature. Meaning? It’ll notify you of errors before they occur. Not only that, it also has a very huge community support, due to love of software developers for Java. To make career in programming learn Java Training Course in Gurgaon from SSDN Technologies.

Java Training

Most of the Fortune500 companies uses Java for their backend systems. There are immense career opportunities in Java. One could be sure of getting a job according to his taste, because of the widespread reach of Java across various sectors. It’s not late to learn JAVA!

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