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We all live in a technological era where new technologies and tools appear every day to meet the growing needs of the market. Such technologies also require regular updates to meet the current market trends. Linux is one such technological innovation that has created a utilization trend for users. It is the platform that is classified for the servers and taken as non-compatible for single users. With the passage of time, Linux has seen the greatest update, and now it is largely available for desktop use as well. Nowadays, many users across the globe are using Linux without any issues. Let’s check here top reason why should i learn linux.

Now, Linux is one of the most popular operating systems used by employees in the information technology field. Various professionals, such as system administrators, system engineers, network engineers, and IT technicians, use this platform to support their job profiles. It is a popular platform and one should learn it to reap the benefits it offers.

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Reasons to Learn Linux

Many of you often come across such a question as to why you should learn Linux. What is it about Linux that will benefit your work profile? To know the answer, you should check out the below mentioned reason why should i learn linux.

It is an important skill in IT.

Information technology is a field that is loaded with a variety of skills. Employees working in IT need to learn about new technologies, devices, and operating systems to develop their skills. Linux is one such skill that allows an individual to experience a widespread growth in their profile after learning it. All the information technology system employees, such as system administrators and network engineers, learn Linux and use the knowledge in their job. Thus, it is an important skill for people who are either working in IT or planning to work.

It offers multiple career opportunities.

There are different career opportunities that one can explore in the IT stream. When you learn Linux, you will get to experience a wider reach into new roles in IT. Your job profile can experience a boom after learning Linux skills, and you can find a good job as a Linux Admin in IT.

Good salaries are on the cards.

If you look at the salaries taken by Linux professionals, you will find that the people associated with the Linux profile tend to earn more than those associated with Windows. It is because of the skills associated with Linux. Professionals who work as system administrators and server admins earn a high salary as compared to those working as admins on Windows. Thus, after learning Linux, you can surely expect a high salary.

It is an open-source operating system.

Its open-source features make it compatible for users to develop Linux applications and support the Linux world. Since it is open to anyone, you can easily access the code of Linux. Also, you can find a good number of communities that are using the Linux operating system.

Its high stability makes it great.

The Linux platform is popularly known for its stability. The users of this platform are free from those frequent crashes. Its speed never gets affected due to a heavy work load. Also, the uptime associated with Linux is faster than the Windows servers. For every patch or any update, the Windows server calls for a reboot, while Linux doesn’t ask for any such thing. Its web-based servers are gaining popularity because of their useful nature, and the highest number of such servers is already running on the internet.

It comes with easy-to-use features and flexibility.

Linux comes with an easy-to-use feature that allows users to work on Linux without hampering their installed applications. The Linux user-friendly GUI is such that it allows you to work smoothly on Linux. It offers great flexibility to the users in the form of certain easy-to-use applications and software that can be installed and used for a better user experience.

It is important for system administrators and server administrators.

Servers play an important role in the field of information technology. Because Linux has excellent server properties, the majority of users all over the world use it as their operating system. However, most household PCs use Windows as their operating system, but when it comes to systems and the network world; you will find Linux at the top of the list.

It is effective for programming too.

Learners always raise the question: does Linux help in programming too? Of course, Linux is the friendliest operating system meant for software developers. With the help of its powerful shell, you can easily write scripts. It is an effective platform that programmers can use to hone their programming skills.

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If you are in the IT field or you are working as a network engineer, a network technician, a system administrator, or you want to support any role in IT, learning Linux will open several opportunities for you. It has the power to enlarge your career options.

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