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Write for Us – Paid Guest Post Policy:

Are you the one who has experience or specialization in any particular field, such as digital marketing, cloud computing, data science, or project management? Are you capable of producing data-driven and engaging content for readers or professionals working in any of the aforementioned fields? If yes, then you are most welcome to Write for Us.

Come with your write-ups and experience the great reader base on our platform. Let us know how your writing can be of great help to professionals in the digital economy.

Here below you will find the details regarding guest post content tips, necessary guidelines, requirements, and approval conditions.

List of Desired Blog Post Themes and Topics for Guest Posting

In general, posts we accept for guest content fall under the following themes:

  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • SaaS and startup growth strategies
  • LinkedIn and social selling
  • Marketing tips, guides, how to’s, and advice for founders
  • Outbound sales
  • Sales/marketing alignment
  • Cloud computing (Azure, AWS, DevOps, Salesforce)
  • Web development (Java, .Net, Php)
  • Web designing
  • Python/Data Science/ Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence.

While brainstorming what to write about, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this topic be relevant to the SSDN Technologies audience?
  • Will this post offer solutions (that don’t require the purchase of my product)?
  • Am I qualified to write about this topic?
  • What insight can I bring to this topic that nobody else can?

We charge 20 USD Per post with one do follow backlink in author’s bio. When in doubt, get in touch with me us dme@ssdntech.com.

Note: We want content from people with hands-on experience in marketing, sales, or as a founder. If you’re a freelance writer trying to get experience.

Guest Post: Content Tips

Your guest post should be educational, engaging and interesting. Try to avoid posts that are promotional or any product-based writing.

Follow the below mentioned content tips before you start writing for us:

  • AP style guidelines should be followed.
  • Guest posts should be between 1000-1500 words.
  • Arrange well-organized content. Include a suitable title, subheading, bullets wherever necessary.
  • Keep a check on the data, quotes, facts, tables, etc. While mentioning such things, don’t forget to cite the proper link to the original source while mentioning such things.
  • Images and charts specified in the content must carry a high resolution (300 dpi) and the format for the same must be either .jpeg or .png.
  • Keep the original submission. Follow the plagiarism issue very seriously. The content must be 100% unique. Any violation of the copyrighted material will not be entertained. Guest posts, once submitted on the SSDN Technologies platform, will not be published anywhere.
  • Once you have submitted your content to us, we own the complete editing rights.
  • Once your post is live on our platform, you will be notified via mail.

Why write for SSDN Technologies?

Our readers visit SSDN Technologies to read educational content related to the latest technological innovations and also about the careers that make them competitive. The blogs and articles published on our platform are read by professionals, industry-oriented people, and students located all over the world.

In addition to the above, we offer our readers an opportunity to read about various topics that suit their learning interests. Our writing covers almost all the innovative subjects that suit the learners’ requirements.

If your article gets published with us, you will get the limelight as an author who carries your author page carrying your biography and a link to your blog or website.

Your contribution to our platform can also make you eligible for good compensation.

How to get your article approved by SSDN Technologies?

To get your guest post approved by SSDN Technologies, follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • Submit your draught in MS Word format (.doc/.docx).
  • Include a brief biography wherein you will explain your professional qualifications and links to related portfolios or websites mentioning your writing activities.
  • Include a 300×300 pixel small picture of yourself that is to be included on your author’s page.
  • Make sure the information which you are sharing via your write-up is well-researched and up-to-date. Your guest post must be informative, educational, and engaging enough to target the right audience for which it is aimed.
  • Usually, photos of the content are not required. If it is needed, you can use any photos, charts, or graphs to support your content. If the photo is not original, you can attach the link to the source from where permission is required for the necessary photo, chart or graph. The minimum resolution allowed is 728×360 pixels, and you can use either.jpeg or.png format. Make sure that you attach the additional supplements such as photos, charts, graphs separately. Also, caption the pictures or additional ones with a proper description.
  • Those who are looking for free guest post, kindly do not mail us. Submit your entry, including your biography and photographs, to email ID (dme@ssdntech.com). We will try our best to reply to your email within 7 days. If your article is not published on our platform, you are free to publish it elsewhere.

Type of Content

Our guest post contributions cover the following types of content:

  • Blogs that are backed by research and include some kind of finding. It may also contain content that includes some sort of predictions and opinions on a given topic.
  • Research-based heavy success stories about businesses or business personalities that include their education and employment journey.
  • Contents that explain the ‘how to’ factor. It includes tutorials for professionals that explain the concepts through visuals and examples.
  • Contents that cover current events and related information that affect professionals in a particular field.
  • Infographics that contain resource-based content are explained through a well-defined story.


Guest posts can get you a great deal of exposure. It helps benefit your site by boosting your content quality. Also, it gives good exposure to writers who want a new audience.

If you are looking for a place and people to connect with, you can trust us to share your experience via your writing. Simply reach out to us and we will let you meet a new audience.

Some Ways To Find Guest Posting Sites (write for us)

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