Boot Camp Training

Boot camp style training designed by SSDN Technologies facilitates accelerated learning of a specific course in a shorter span of time which means that we have tailor-made our courses with core modules and hands on training sessions to better suit today’s IT industry’s needs of faster and effective training in limited timeframes.

Our Boot camp trainings aim to achieve these benefits for all prospective learners:

  • You will have two-way interaction with your instructor to understand concepts better. You will have a small classroom size consisting of about 15 students.
  • Such kind of training makes the course not seem boring or difficult to cope up with and makes the learning experience engaging.
  • This is the most effective way of learning methods and concepts rapidly along with constant guidance from a trained instructor.

Hands-on Exercises

All our courses have ample time allotted to hands-on lab training and tests conducted by the instructor to gauge your progress.

  • We offer the most hands-on exercises compared to similar Information Technology training institutes.
  • All of our lab exercises are led by expert instructors, so you need not worry about getting stuck in the middle of a procedure; your instructor will help you out.
  • These exercises are designed from the grassroots level to help you get acquainted with the instructor’s style. These Instructor-led lab exercises mean that you will be under constant scrutiny and guidance of your teacher to help speed up the problem solving process.
  • The instructor helps you as problems arise and proposes alternative methods and workarounds which you may not have thought of. This attention boosts your ability to retain and memorize what you have learned in the course, for the long-term and real world scenarios.
  • These exercises help the instructor to ensure you aren't simply typing in a specific set of commands from a list, but are also fully understanding what is going on.
  • We assure you that when you complete the course you will be equipped with valuable career- enhancing skills that will help you speed up your working at par with others in the industry.

Why Boot Camps are good?

  • For students, Boot Camps help teach you skills and tools in a limited time span within a zero-distraction environment and have proven to be one of the most successful training formats for effectively delivering comprehensive IT skills to professionals at lower costs.
  • For employees, companies ensure that their employees go through the stringent scrutiny and quality training due to the current ever changing and evolving IT scenario. Such boot camps provide employees with cutting-edge knowledge and skills along with practical hands-on experience in a limited time frame with such Boot-Camps.
  • These boot camps have emerged as the most cost effective training solution and are now an industry certified training format for all professionals seeking IT certification.

These camps are very effective considering the time and financial constraints most learners have to face in daily life. You can easily overcome such constraints by signing yourself up for boot camp trainings. Apply now for a boot camp training session at SSDN Technologies for your specific course.


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