Classroom Training

For all Indian and International students wanting to study at SSDN Technologies, classroom training is one of the best options you can opt for. These courses have a streamlined outline of the course content neatly subdivided into modules and practical schedules. timeframes.

The benefits of a live classroom training include:

  • All courses start from a basic grassroots level to help you understand basics of the program you have selected.
  • The introduction to basics is also helpful for advanced students to help you get a recap into what you might have studied before with some extra information you might not know of.
  • Classroom training has one basic agenda - in-depth training of the subject matter to help you put your knowledge in use during real world scenarios.
  • These highly interactive classes equip you with hands-on practical training at our state-of-the-art computer labs, so you can apply skills learnt in the classroom and keep practicing till you refine and master your own skills.
  • Personalized instruction and face-to-face interaction with Industry certified instructors.
  • Excellent opportunities to interact and share ideas with fellow classmates.
  • Live question and answer sessions with your instructor to enhance skillsets and identify problem areas.
Why is classroom training necessary for aspiring students?
  • Classroom training is considered the foundation for student education to help prospective employers, looking forward to employ the cream of IT talent in their business in selecting a favorable candidate for the job. Most learners state that they learn best and have retention when they learn in a classroom setting with a live instructor.
  • Classroom training helps in learning basic principles, including lesson lectures, software demonstrations, hands-on practicals in the lab and live quizzes. Having a hands-on approach at education is best since it is convenient and provides you with a dynamic learning environment.
  • Although cloud based technology training is becoming increasingly popular in todays rapidly evolving world; it will never completely replace classroom training. Currently, most IT companies continue to use classroom training coupled with technology based training such as e-learning and computer-based training to facilitate better learning and to increase practical throughput of the trainee.
For the employees Classroom training has its advantages too which include:
  • It allows instructors to teach employees in a quiet and non–distracting environment, away from the pressures of the work area.
  • It differs from Corporate training due to a more personalized and in-depth approach which helps the students understand all concepts required. Corporate Training is more direct and accelerated compared to traditional classroom training.
  • The classroom training environment has the benefit of the “human touch,” which is often lacking in cloud based training.
  • Group interaction always enhances knowledge, learning; it helps personality development too. Employees learn from one another which helps build a positive image.
  • Being in a group also teaches employees how to interact with each other in a professional, productive, and cooperative way, helping them exchange ideas better.
  • When it comes to quality certified training in a classroom setting, SSDN Technologies is the undisputed leader. Sign up for a course today to help fulfill your dreams. Get your first job in Information Technology that helps your career grow significantly and for employees, help achieve better pay scales and incentives by enhancing your resume with better credentials after completing our trainings.


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