High Technology Solutions

Our concept for this segment is based on the following environmental drivers.

  • Exceptionally fast pace of change in global competitive environment
  • The increasingly critical role of ethics, values and character over pure skills or knowledge in enhancing sustained competitiveness. Inner calm, emotional and spiritual quotients playing a more dominant role in sustaining competitive edge.
  • Tools and techniques of IT and ITeS , being the main enablers in enhancing business competitiveness. However there are a large number of other technologies and related skills, which are needed for long -term holistic growth at the national and global levels.
  • The enabling environment for entrepreneurship and its related skills.

With this as the focus we at SSDN Technologies lay immense importance on the personality related competencies along with the technical skills development. We understand the global environment -driven needs and match these to the local unique requirements of the client organizations. Hence it is global perception with local customization. We base the evaluation beyond certification. The test of efficacy of skills development is in the contribution of the trained employees in enhancing the productivity and values in the organization. This aspect is more important than the high grades in the certification examination. We also are aware that skills proficiencies are not permanent in nature. What is relevant today will be obsolete tomorrow. Hence we emphasize on learnability rather than on gaining proficiencies in given skills. In our corporate training endeavors bulk of the effort goes in making the trainee learn by doing. Hence importance on project work related to the organizational envisaged future environment. The trainer to trainee linkages stimulate transformational approach. In this the trainer is fully aware that each trainee has unique strength and requirement. Hence each trainee needs to be addressed accordingly. Lastly and most importantly we inculcate the idea of contribution amongst the trainees. Learn to contribute more by enhanced and modern skills increased earning/ compensation will follow as a by product.


Benefits to your Organization from
SSDN Technologies

  • It is beyond client customer relation we are long-term partners in your competitiveness.

  • We create sustained happiness quotients by building ethics, values and character.

  • We make each trainee is a winner

Why SSDN Technologies as your Corporate trainers?

  1. Build skills on ethics, values and character. Long term competitive advantage.

  2. Keep pace with the fast changing global technological advances.

  3. Global concepts, local customization.

  4. Training based on transformational approach.

  5. We create willing contributors.

  6. Evaluation of training outcome by enhanced contribution.

  7. Focus on life long learnability.


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