C++ Language

What you will learn:

SSDN Technologies is one of the best training centres in India for learning the basics and application of the C++ Programming language.This C++ Training allows coders and aspiring IT professionals to accentuate their programming skills in this language.

C++ is a very versatile and powerful object-oriented programming language which is widely used in business and scientific applications.You will be getting hands-on the good programming concepts that will help develop desktop software such as including operating systems, games and productivity software.

✔     C and C++ Training, the language that will fetch you sparkling opportunities in industries.


✔    All students looking to learn this language and are well conversant with coding basics are suitable to enter this course.
✔   This course will help you possess advanced knowledge of the language and teach you the usage of creating complex algorithms and help you deal with complex coding problems.

Course Objectives

✔    Knowledge of the ‘rules of thumb’ used by C++ programmers while designing and implementing complex software systems.
✔    Proper understanding and application of C++'s features such as member and non-member functions, namespaces templates, inheritance and virtual and non-virtual functions.
✔     Learn advance methods to effectively combine C++ language features to achieve the end result.

Learn to:

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

✔      Develop codes and applications.
✔      Understand a complete full software development lifecycle under C++.
✔      Apply concepts of class hierarchies, functions, classes, syntax and the Standard  Template Library (STL).
✔      Use effective syntax and semantics built in the C++ language.
✔      Write and code an object-oriented program in C++.
✔      Discover about polymorphism.
✔      Use C++ class libraries.
✔      Configure exception handling.
✔      Write template functions and classes.


Before attending this training, SSDN Technologies recommends that candidates should have:

✔    Knowledge of ‘C’ Programming Language.

Next Course:

✔    Java or .Net or PHP training for further knowledge of core programming

Duration: 32 Hours

  • C++ Overview

    • Introduction to C++
    • C++ Characteristics
    • Difference between C and C++
    • Object-Oriented Paradigm
    • Structured programming
    • The :: Operator
    • Type Casting
  • Functions

    • Functions: Declaration and Definition
    • Function Prototyping
    • Inline Function
    • Function Overloading
    • Friend Function
    • Default values for function Arguments
  • Classes in C++

    • Defining Classes in C++
    • Structure of a Class
    • Define Class Members
    • Defining Member Function Outside the class
    • Memory allocation for Objects
    • Array within class
    • Static Data Members
    • Static Member Functions
    • Object as Function Argument
  • Constructor and Destructors

    • Introduction to constructor
    • Classes and Constructor
    • Parameterized Constructor
    • Multiple Constructor in a class
    • Dynamic initialization of Objects
    • Copy Constructor
    • Destructors
  • Operator Overloading

    • Introduction
    • Defining operator overloading
    • Unary / Binary operator Overloading
    • Defining Rules of overloading
    • Working with Overloaded Operator Methods
  • Inheritance

    • Overview of Inheritance
    • Defining Base and Derived Classes
    • Public and Protected Inheritance
    • Types of inheritance
    • Single Inheritance
    • Multiple Inheritance
    • Multilevel Inheritance
    • Hierarchal Inheritance
    • Hybrid Inheritance
    • Virtual Base Class
    • Abstract Class
  • Polymorphism

    • Overview of Polymorphism
    • Virtual Function
    • Virtual Class
    • Pure Virtual Function
    • Pointer
  • File Handling

    • Overview to Files
    • Classes for File Streams
    • File Modes
    • Opening a File
    • File operations and its Functions
    • Closing a file
    • Error Handling in a File
  • Miscellaneous Class Issues

    • Exceptions
    • Overview of Exception
    • Exception Handling
    • Exception Hierarchies
    • Templates
    • Template Overview
    • Function Template
    • Class Template
    • String
    • Introduction to New Technologies in Programming
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