SSDN Technologies provide Advance .NET Training program for those candidates who are looking forward for developing industry relevant enterprise programming using features like WCF, LINQ, Entity Framework, Advance AJAX or MVC. You will also be introduced to SOA and topics like Security, Transaction, REST, MEP, Encoding, Hosting etc. Learn Advance .NET from Certified and Experienced faculty in Delhi NCR. This course matches the curriculum provided by Microsoft. We also prepare you for the Microsoft Online Exams.

This program is focusing on practical learning using .Net and related advanced technologies like MVC. Even if you have some experience in, if you don’t have operational knowledge of .NET MVC you will be treated as out-dated in your industry. In this program, we also focus on project development using process of SDLC.

Learn to:

Develop Application Using Microsoft Advance .NET by:

✔    Advance C#.
✔    Delegate in c#.
✔    Anonymous Methods.
✔    Lambda Expression.
✔    Predicate in C#.
✔    Dynamic.
✔    Introduction to LINQ and LINQ to XML, SQL, Entities.
✔    Introducing MVC& how to build a site using MVC.
✔    Introducing WCF with C#.
✔    Hosting and Calling WCF Services.
✔    Bindings and Contracts.
✔    Exceptions, Diagnostics and Message Patterns.
✔    Sessions and Transactions.
✔    WCF Security.
✔    RESTful Services.
✔    Deferred Execution.
✔    Data Projection.
✔    Advance AJAX & JQUERY.


This course provides future career in MICROSOT technology. Best For:

✔    Experienced Software Developers with any Programming Language.
✔    Industrial Training Candidates of B.Tech/ etc.


✔    Basic Knowledge in .NET.
✔    Exposure to HTML, CSS & Java Script would be helpful but not required.
✔    A basic knowledge of Database would be helpful.

Next Course:

✔    MCSD on any of above.

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

    • Brief history of Web Application Development
    • What is wrong with ASP.Net Web Forms
    • Web Development Today
    • Key Benefits of ASP.NET MVC
    • Who should use ASP.NET MVC?
  • HTML5

    • Introduction to HTML5
    • HTML5 new elements
    • Canvas
    • Video and Audio
    • Web Storage
    • GeoLocation, Offline Web Pages
  • Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC

    • ASP.NET MVC project templates
    • Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project
    • Naming conventions
    • Creating views
    • Defining controllers
    • Defining a data model
  • Creating a Complete ASP.NET MVC Application

    • Creating strongly-typed views
    • Understanding URLs and action methods
    • Using HTML helpers
    • Handling form post-backs
    • Data validation
  • Using the Razor View Engine

    • Razor design goals
    • Implementing a Razor view
    • Razor syntax
    • Accessing model data in Razor views
    • Working with Layouts
    • Using Razor Expressions
  • URL Routing

    • Introducing URL Patterns
    • Creating and Registering a Simple Route
    • Defining Default Values and using Static URL Segments
    • Constraining Routes
    • Bypassing the Routing System
  • Controllers and Actions

    • Introducing the Controller
    • Receiving Input
    • Producing Output
  • Test Driven Development with ASP.NET MVC

    • Recap of TDD
    • Unit Testing frameworks
    • Walk-through of using TDD with ASP.NET MVC
  • Filters

    • Using Filters
    • Authorize Filters
    • Exception Filters
    • Action Filters
    • Result Filters
    • Using Built In Filters.
  • View

    • Defining a layout/master page
    • Creating Custom View Engine
    • Defining and using partial views, Sections
    • Razor helper method syntax
  • Helper Methods

    • Using Built In Form Helper Methods
    • Creating Custom Helper Methods
    • Creating and using Templated Helper Methods
    • Using Model Metadata
  • State Management

    • Using hidden fields
    • Session and application state
    • Custom model bindings
  • Additional Techniques

    • View scaffold templates
    • Model Validation
    • Global filters
    • Model binding
    • Bundling and Display Modes
  • Using Ajax, jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

    • Overview of Ajax and ASP.NET MVC
    • Unobtrusive Ajax and the 'this' context
    • Using Ajax action links
    • Overview of jQuery
    • jQuery techniques

Duration: 40 Hours

  • C# Language Extensions in 3.5 (Prerequisite)

    • Type Inference
    • Object Initializer
    • Anonymous Types
    • Extension Methods
    • Partial Methoda>
  • LINQ Architecture & Provides

    • Understanding the LINQ Framework
    • LINQ Providers
  • LINQ to Objects

    • IEnumerable and IQueryable interfaces
    • System.Linq namespace
    • Query Expressions
    • Lambda Expression
    • Using Custom Class Collection
  • LINQ to SQL

    • Defining the Data Model classes
    • Using Mapping attributes
    • Using the Data Context class
    • Defining Relationships using Associations
    • Creating a customized Data Context class
    • LINQ to SQL Designer (DBML File)r
    • Performing Add/Edit/Delete/View Operations
    • Tracking changes to entities.
    • Submitting changes
    • Concurrency error handling issues
    • Join Query
    • Validating Entities
    • Transaction Handling.
  • LINQ to XML

    • Understanding the LINQ to XML Class hierarchy
    • Create an XML document
    • Loading existing XML document
    • Querying XML using LINQ to XML
    • Manipulating XML document using LINQ
    • Adding nodess
    • Modifying nodes
    • Deleting nodes
  • LINQ to Dataset

    • Querying DataSets
    • Querying typed DataSets
    • Using LINQ over DataSet with Table Adapter
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