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    Machine Learning Workshop in Gurgaon

    Posted by: SSDN Technologies
    21 Jul 2019
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    • Posted on

      01:14 AM

      July 15, 2019

    • Valid upto

      10:00 AM

      July 21, 2019

    • Venue

      SSDN Technologies

    • Address

      M-50, OLD DLF, Sector-14, Gurgaon

    About Machine Learning Workshop

    SSDN Technologies is organizing a Workshop on Machine learning. Our experts will guide the students and professionals with the latest machine learning techniques which will help learners in securing a high profile job. During this ML training participants will acquire profound knowledge on various topics like linear regression, image detection, face-recognition and also about creating YouTube video downloader in Python. This is the best opportunity for those who want to upgrade their skills so join us to advance your career.

    What will you learn in Machine Learning Workshop?

    Students who will attend this workshop will gain intense knowledge on the following topics : 

    •  You will learn deeply about machine learning and the types of machine learning 
    •  Trainers will guide you about the basics of Python 
    •  Understanding of Models 
    •  Gain knowledge on linear Regression  
    •  How to create YouTube video downloader in Python 
    •  Understanding of Mini Project Linera Regression 
    •  How to detect image and recognize face by using OpenCV in Python 
    •  Chatbot Demo 

    Benefits of Machine Learning: 

    We all are aware how fast machine learning is growing in the market and there is a huge urge of studying about machine learning. Having knowledge about machine learning enables you to analyses the large number of data and you can easily identify patterns by using algorithms without doing explicit programming. The job opportunities are continuously increasing so is you want to shine your career then this workshop is must for you. 

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