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Learn Quickly About Python Programming Just in 1 Day!

Posted by: SSDN Technologies
19 Apr 2020
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    12:20 AM

    April 14, 2020

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    10:00 AM

    April 19, 2020

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What Will You Learn in Python Workshop

  •  What’s Python and its scope in Present and Future 
  •  Why we need to go for Python 
  •  Internal Concept and Practical Implementation: 
  •  Use Python Interpreter and Compiler 
  •  Basic Operations and Data Types 
  •  Go details in List, Tuple and Dictionary Usage 
  •  Code Block and Indentation 
  •  Conditions and Iteration 
  •  Built Own function and use built-in def. 
  •  Manage and develop own modules 
  •  Manage Exception Handling 
  •  File Handling and Operations 
  •  Network Program and Socket Implementation 
  •  Overview Only: 
  •  Overview of Class and Object Oriented Approach 
  •  NumPy (Overview Only) 
  •  NumPy Overview 
  •  Basic Futures 
  •  NumPy Array 

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