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Live Project 6 Months Industrial Courses

About 6 Months Industrial Training Program


SSDN Technologies brings this 6 months live project industrial course program to offer an opportunity for aspirants to work with industry professionals. Through this training program, you can experience the practical learning approach required on a professional level. The training will guide you the ethics needed to enter the competitive corporate world or industry.

 6 months Industrial Courses Training in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR  is one of the prominent and quick-career driven courses to improve competency as a professional in IT. Industrial training includes a variety of tech-oriented courses for increasing opportunity to set career as per specialization. These 6 months Industrial courses alternatives include Data science, PHP, Dot Net, Web designing, Web development, Java, Android, Python, Digital Marketing, Ethical Hacking & Cloud computing courses. All these courses impart a combination of conceptual and practical knowledge of the defined subjects for real-time training experience. Comprehensive 6 months live project training curriculum builds long term self-reliance to ensure a career in IT.

The 6 months industrial course in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR will take you in a world of new experiences to give you an insight of the real-time corporate world or industry. Live project training is programmed by industry experts. You will be guided by the experienced faculty to make your familiar with the necessary ins and outs of the industry. 

 About the Industrial Courses - 

 PHP 6 Month Industrial Training - 

Under this PHP 6 months Industrial training in Gurgaon , there will be practical PHP exercises and live projects based on CMS, MySQL, Database and PHP Security to deliver superior training experience and enhanced career potentials.

 Web Designing 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Open career pathways from advertising agencies to Online Portals through 6 months web designing industrial training . Become the focus of driven career conducts.

 Java 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Gain excellence in one of the core programming languages in utilization with Android systems in Java 6 Month Industrial Training . Become the demanded programmer of the hour.

 Python with Machine learning 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Secure Fundamental and operational intelligence in Python to ensure exposure to hands-on experience in Data mining, data presentation and many more topics will be covered in this 6 months Python with Machine learning industrial training in Gurgaon . 

 Python with Data Science 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Our industrial training in python wth data science will cover  major topics like big data, machine learning, python, advanced statics and many more topics. 

 Python with Data Analyst 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Gain expertise on Python key principals and analyzing data with the help of Industry experts. SSDN Technologies is known as the best 6 months data analyst with Python industrial training center in Gurgaon . 

 Big Data Hadoop 6 Months Industrial Training -  

With our 6 months industrial training in Hadoop , students will get a clear understand of Hadoop from the very basics to the advanced level. 

 6 Months Industrial Ethical Hacking Course -  

We have designed our 6 Months Industrial Ethical Hacking training course content for the beginners as well as IT professionals who want to upgrade their skills. 

 6 Months Digital Marketing Industrial Training -  

With our live project 6 Months Digital Marketing internship training in Gurgaon , you will gain understading in various topics such as Twitter, Facebook, Video Marketing, LinkedIn, Pinterest Marketing, Instagram, Email Marketing etc.  

 6 Months Industrial Cloud Computing Course  

Join our 6 Months Industrial Cloud Computing Course in Gurgaon for enhancing your skills in cloud computing technology.

 Android 6 Month Industrial Training - 

Gain operational competitiveness in most preferred smart Phone-tech for ages. From application development to maintenance and migration, real-time industry exposure to ensure first-class learning experience.

 Linux 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Red Hat Linux focused Installation, troubleshooting, Configuration and designing excellence actual-time internship training on real servers to accomplish Red Hat Engineer examination and improve career potential.

 Web Development 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Prioritize Developmental skills to the utilization of cutting-edge technologies; static creation, JavaScript functions and so on to grasp the space in widespread demand of web developers. Join our 6 Months Internship training in Gurgaon,Delhi-NCR . 

 Dot Net 6 Months Industrial Training - 

Our 6 months Dot Net Industrial Training in Gurgaon is based on up-to-date technology to explore career opportunities in the programming and framework. 

What Will You Learn In 6 months Live Project Industrial Training?


Go through the real-life experience of the corporate world through the 6 months industrial courses covering the live project training. In this course, you will be guided on the domain knowledge of the respective corporate world or industry. Upon completion of 6 months internship training in Gurgaon, the trainees will be delivered with the following fundamental and practical learning:

  •  JAVA Development. 
  •  PHP Development. 
  •  Python training for development. 
  •  SQL Server operational training. 
  •  Red Hat Linux development and implementation of projects. 
  •  Oracle and iOS training. 
  •  Networking and security training. 
  •  Android Development. 
  •  Web development & designing to lead as the development of multiple platforms. 
  •  Proactive and positive behaviour actions within the Organizational environment. 
  •  Team work and coordination. 
  •  First-hand Developmental project experience. 
  •  Basic understanding of programming languages. 
  •  Project implementation from strategy to road mapping and final execution. 
  •  Local Server, localhost, and web server operational knowledge. 
  •  Understanding of operating as an experienced freelancer in the relevant field. 

Download 6 Months Dot Net Course Content

Download 6 Months PHP Course Content

What Will You Get in 6 months Industrial Training in Gurgaon?


The successful accomplishment of 6 months internship in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR will help the participants to obtain the following expertise:

  •  6 months internship  based on specialization for outstanding career support. 
  •  Live IT project conducts under the guidance of professional instructors. 
  •  Learning experience in industrial environment.  

Mode of Training


Instructor Led TrainingInstructor-led


  • Group TrainingGroup Training
  • 1-on-1 training at Additional Cost1-on-1 training at Additional Cost
  • Instructor-led live interactive TrainingInstructor-led live interactive Training
  • Intensive Hands-on Exposure Intensive Hands-on Exposure
  • Lab AccessLab Access
  • Course Completion CertificateCourse Completion Certificate
  • CoursewareCourseware
  • Exam VoucherExam Voucher
E-learning Training


  • 1-on-1 training at Additional Cost1-on-1 training at Additional Cost
  • Lab AccessLab Access
  • Course Completion CertificateCourse Completion Certificate
  • CoursewareCourseware
  • Exam VoucherExam Voucher
Boot camp

Boot Camp--

  • Group TrainingGroup Training
  • 1-on-1 training at Additional Cost1-on-1 training at Additional Cost
  • Instructor-led live interactive TrainingInstructor-led live interactive Training
  • Intensive Hands-on Exposure Intensive Hands-on Exposure
  • Lab AccessLab Access
  • Course Completion CertificateCourse Completion Certificate
  • CoursewareCourseware

Training on Demand--

  • Group TrainingGroup Training
  • 1-on-1 training at Additional Cost1-on-1 training at Additional Cost
  • Instructor-led live interactive TrainingInstructor-led live interactive Training
  • Intensive Hands-on Exposure Intensive Hands-on Exposure
  • Lab AccessLab Access
  • Course Completion CertificateCourse Completion Certificate
  • CoursewareCourseware
  • Exam VoucherExam Voucher

Pre-requisite for Six Months Winter Training?


For joining the 6 months Industrial Course in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR , the candidate should:

  •  B.Tech,,,  BCA, CS, CSE or MCA in persuasion or Diploma 
  •  Interest in understanding the organization environment and teamwork. 
  •  Basic level computer skill set. 
  •  Familiarity with the basics of IT subjects. 

Target Audience


The 6 months winter training in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR targets the audience of following area:

  •  Engineering students in the final year. 
  •  IT Professional seeking to lead in the specific field of IT or strengthening IT Skillset in the described. subjects: PHP, Data science, Ethical hacking, Python, Java, Android, Web designing & development and others. 
  •  Professional developers looking to develop proficiency as per technology advancement. 

Why Choose SSDN Technologies?


  •  SSDN Technologies is leading and an IT Authorized Training centres based in India to invite trainees for 6 months industrial training proactively along with placements opportunities in future. 
  •  Availability of course in various modes to meet the time-flexibility and convenience of the trainees. 
  •  6 months internship is provided under superior level experienced Industrial Trainers to deliver high-flying learning experience and increase the competency of candidates. 
  •  Well-facilitated learning premises along with well-equipped laboratories to gain hands-on live projects handling experience and a complete organization environment is consigned. 
  •  End-to-End experience deliverable in the context of innovation and motivation towards the invention of new-tech. SSDN supports creative minds and out-of-the-box mindsets. 
  •  Comprehensive curriculum along with the freedom to talk interests, ideations, and goals that inspire all. 
  •  Advanced Technology utilization into advanced training to hand over the worth-it learning experience. 





SSDN Technologies provides the  Live Project 6 Months Industrial Courses Training  from the experts and the duration of this course is 6 Months.

Industrial training means a supervised practical training within a fixed time limit. It is a job oriented course meant to improve efficiency of the student so that he becomes an expert in IT. Industrial training guarantees a profession in the actual job field.

The purpose of industrial training is to give calculated and concise information of the subject in a practical industrial environment with live projects to enhance the student’s knowledge and skills so that he becomes an expert.

Practical training in IT and engineering sector is very important because theoretical knowledge is useless unless you know how to apply them in practical field and polish the skills with hands-on experience.

In industrial training one learns to improve and enhance technical knowledge in an organised way with supervision of industry experts. It helps the student to improve the theoretical and practical skills and helps him to meet his career goals.

Internship refers to a position where a paid or unpaid trainee in an organization gets work experience and polishes his skills. Industrial training is given to impart knowledge from the basic level with theoretical and practical training to make a student job worthy. The student pays for the training.

A supervised industrial training means a training by certified top expert in the industry who teach you all the theoretical and practical knowledge required, in a concise manner with project sessions and tests to make you an expert.

Industrial attachment gives the opportunity to learn the skills in real work environment and know the latest advancements. It helps them to get a high level of mastery of skills and confidence to work in big IT companies.

Industrial training is important for the student because he learns both theoretical and practical lessons in a real life industrial environment with live projects and become ready for the job.

Industrial training is required for IT students because it helps them to update and master the skills with an awareness of latest technology in a real industrial environment. The students gets a high level of confidence in doing actual jobs.

The benefit of industrial training is to get all the knowledge required to work in organizations or companies  in a concise manner within a specified time frame from certified top industrial experts.

No, internship is a paid or unpaid position offered by a company to a trainee to polish his already acquired theoretical knowledge. In industrial training one gets to learn everything from scratch in a practical industrial environment to become experts and job worthy.

IT industry is a practical work field where only theoretical knowledge without hands-on experience is not useful. Industrial training provides opportunity to get knowledge in genuine work life situations with all the modern state of the art technology that opens up big frontiers to advance in future.



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