IT Process Management (Foundation) Certification

SSDN Technologies is the only training centre in North India providing certifications for learning the application of IT Process Management (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) for better understanding and implementation of various ‘best practices’ within the IT Service Management industry for effective growth of a business.

These practices and stringent quality standards help various organizations in providing cost-effective IT services, with improved productivity and customer satisfaction.
This Foundation level certification offers students with a general awareness of basic elements, concepts and industrial terminology used in the basic IT Process Management service lifecycle and its stages.

Target Audience

  • Any professional seeking higher level certification in the IT Service Management will need the IT Process Management Foundation certification as a pre-requisite. Since this training does not work on any specific technology, it is applicable in any type of IT organization.
  • Production support engineers, Service Delivery professionals, Operations managers, Quality Analysts are most suitable to join this course.

Learning Objectives

The IT Process Management - Framework is used by organizations worldwide to improve the capabilities in service management. The capabilities represent any service oriented organization's total capacity, confidence and competency for action. The basic act of transforming available resources into customer specific valuable services is what service management is all about. Without such capabilities, any service organization lacks the intrinsic value to
An ‘IT Process Management Foundation’ certified professional is suitable to find lucrative job opportunities in any competing IT organization. IT Process Management Foundation certification currently ranks among 15 top-paying certifications in 2014 according to research.

  • Identify key principles of IT Service Management.
  • Identify benefits of IT Process Management implementation in an organization.
  • Identify the processes within Service Management and how to map a Service Lifecycle.
  • Identify various activities and roles involved within a Service Lifecycle.
  • Identify factors hindering the effectiveness of a Service Lifecycle.

Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Illustrate IT Service Management Industry’s best practices
  • Describe a Service Lifecycle and plan projects accordingly
  • Discuss the processes, roles and functions in IT Process Management® 2011
  • Interact with your IT teams using IT Process Management terminology
  • Evaluate the importance of business and IT integration

Duration: 16 Hours

  • Introduction to Service Management Lifecycle

    • Principles of service managements
    • IT as a Service
    • The IT Process Management service lifecycle
  • Service Strategy

    • Introduction to service strategy
    • Key Concepts to service strategy
    • Service strategy process
  • Service Design

    • Introduction to service design
    • Key concepts of service design
    • Service design process
  • Service Transition

    • Introduction to service transition
    • Key principles & model of service transition
    • Service transition process
  • Service Operations

    • Introduction to service operations
    • Service operations process
    • Service operations functions
  • Continual Service Improvement

    • Introduction to CSI
    • Key principles and models of CSI
  • Summary & exam preparation

    • Review of key concepts
Batch Date Course Duration
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