MCSE-Server Infrastructure

SSDN Technologies Microsoft Solution Experts (MCSE) SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE track will take you to the expert level for deploying, managing, designing and planning a Windows Server 2012 r2 physical or virtual. Networking solutions as DHCP, VPN,IPAM, and DirectAccess will also be enhanced. You will learn to implement a forest and domain infrastructure.

Learn Server Infrastructure from SSDN (Microsoft authorized Learning partner in Delhi NCR). SSDN is famous for highly qualified and certified expert trainers. Content of this course matches as in the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC). Learn to prepare for the Microsoft Online Certification Exam also as:

Learn to:

After completing, participants should be able to:

  • Deploy server virtualization by using System Center 2012 r2 Virtual Machine Manager.
  • Implement an AD DS physically.
  • Implement high availability feature by using failover clustering in Windows Server 2012 r2.
  • Implement AD FS and AD RMS server.
  • Appear in Microsoft Online certification Exam:70-413, 70-714.


Best For:

  • Professionals who want to build and manage enterprise Windows Server 2012 r2 virtually or physical and also implementing high availability solutions.
  • Students who seek certification in 70-413/70-714 exam.


  • At least 2 years’ experience with an understanding of networking, Windows Server 2012 r2 and AD DS.
  • Done Windows Server 2012 r2 MCSA certification Designing and Implementing an Enterprise Server Infrastructure.

Relevant Certification:

  • MCSE (70-413): Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure.
  • MCSE (70-414): Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure.

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Planning Server Upgrade and Migration

    • Considerations for Upgrades and Migrations
    • Creating a Server Upgrade and MigrationPlan
    • Planning for Virtualization
  • Planning and Implementing a Server Deployment Strategy

    • Selecting an Appropriate Server DeploymentStrategy
    • Implementing an Automated Deployment Strategy
  • Planning and Deploying Servers Using Virtual Machine Manager

    • System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager Overview
    • Implementing a Virtual Machine Manager Library and Profiles
    • Planning and Deploying Virtual Machine Manager Services
  • Designing and Maintaining an IP Configuration and Address Management

    • Designing DHCP servers.
    • Planning DHCP Scopes.
    • Designing an IPAM Provisioning Strategy.
    • Managing Servers and Address Spaces by Using IPAM.
  • Designing and Implementing Name Resolution

    • Designing a DNS Server Implementation Strategy.
    • Designing the DNS Namespace.
    • Designing DNS Zones.
    • Designing DNS Zone Replication and Delegation.
    • Optimizing DNS Servers.
    • Designing DNS for High Availability and Security.
  • Designing and Implementing an Active Directory Domain Services Forest and Domain Infrastructure

    • Designing an Active Directory Forest.
    • Designing and Implementing Active Directory Forest Trusts.
    • Designing Active Directory Integration with Windows Azure Active Directory.
    • Designing and Implementing Active Directory Domains.
    • Designing DNS Namespaces in Active Directory Environments.
    • Designing Active Directory Domain Trusts.
  • Designing and Implementing an AD DS Organizational Unit Infrastructure

    • Planning the Active Directory Administrative Tasks Delegation Model.
    • Designing an OU Structure.
    • Designing and Implementing an AD DS Group Strategy.
  • Designing and Implementing a Group Policy Object Strategy

    • Collecting the Information Required for a GPO Design.
    • Designing and Implementing GPOs.
    • Designing GPO Processing.
    • Planning Group Policy Management
  • Designing and Implementing an AD DS Physical Topology

    • Designing and Implementing Active Directory Sites.
    • Designing Active Directory Replication.
    • Designing the Placement of Domain Controllers.
    • Virtualization Considerations for Domain Controllers.
    • Designing Highly Available Domain Controllers.
  • Planning and Implementing Storage and File Services

    • Planning and Implementing iSCSI SANs.
    • Planning and Implementing Storage Spaces.
    • Optimizing File Services for Branch Offices.
  • Designing and Implementing Network Protection

    • Overview of Network Security Design.
    • Designing and Implementing a Windows Firewall Strategy.
    • Designing and Implementing a NAP Infrastructure.
  • Designing and Implementing Remote Access Services

    • Planning and Implementing DirectAccess.
    • Planning and Implementing VPN.
    • Planning and Implementing Web Application Proxy.
    • Planning a Complex Remote Access Infrastructure.

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Overview of Management in an Enterprise Data Center

    • Overview of the Enterprise Data Center.
    • Overview of the Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Components.
  • Planning and Implementing a Server Virtualization Strategy

    • Planning a VMM Deployment.
    • Planning and Implementing a Server Virtualization Host Environment.
  • Planning and Implementing Networks and Storage for Virtualization

    • Planning a Storage Infrastructure for Virtualization.
    • Implementing a Storage Infrastructure for Virtualization.
    • Planning and Implementing a Network Infrastructure for Virtualization.
    • Planning and Implementing Network Virtualization.
  • Planning and Deploying Virtual Machines

    • Planning a Virtual Machine Configuration.
    • Preparing for Virtual Machine Deployments with VMM.
    • Deploying Virtual Machines.
    • Planning and Implementing Hyper-V Replica.
  • Planning and Implementing a Virtualization Administration Solution

    • Planning and Implementing Automation with System Center 2012.
    • Planning and Implementing System Center 2012 Administration.
    • Planning and Implementing Self-Service Options in System Center 2012.
    • Planning and Implementing Updates in a Server Virtualization Infrastructure.
  • Planning and Implementing a Server Monitoring Strategy

    • Planning Monitoring in Windows Server 2012.
    • Overview of Operations Manager.
    • Planning and Configuring Monitoring Components.
    • Configuring Integration with VMM.
  • Planning and Implementing High Availability for File Services and Applications

    • Planning and Implementing Storage Spaces.
    • Planning and Implementing a DFS.
    • Planning and Implementing NLB.
  • Planning and Implementing a High Availability Infrastructure Using Failover Clustering

    • Planning an Infrastructure for Failover Clustering.
    • Implementing Failover Clustering.
    • Planning and Implementing Updates for Failover Clusters.
    • Planning a Multisite Failover Cluster
  • Planning and Implementing a Business Continuity Strategy

    • Overview of Business Continuity Planning.
    • Planning and Implementing Backup Strategies.
    • Planning and Implementing Recovery.
    • Planning and Implementing Backup and Recovery of Virtual Machines
  • Planning and Implementing an Public Key Infrastructure.

    • Planning and Implementing Deployment of a Certification Authority
    • Planning and Implementing Certificate Templates.
    • Planning and Implementing Certificate Distribution and Revocation.
    • Planning and Implementing Key Archival and Recovery.
  • Planning and Implementing an Identity Federation Infrastructure

    • Planning and Implementing an AD FS Server Infrastructure.
    • Planning and Implementing AD FS Claim Providers and Relying.
    • Parties Planning and Implementing AD FS Claims and Claim Rules.
    • Planning and Implementing Web Application Proxy.
  • Planning and Implementing Data Access for Users and Devices

    • Planning and Implementing DAC.
    • Planning Workplace Join.
    • Planning Work Folders.
  • Planning and Implementing an Information Rights Management Infrastructure.

    • AD RMS Overview.
    • Planning and Implementing an AD RMS Cluster.
    • Planning and Implementing AD RMS Templates and Policies.
    • Planning and Implementing External Access to AD RMS Services.
    • Planning and Implementing AD RMS Integration with Dynamic Access Control.
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