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The MS Outlook 2013 Course has been designed for individuals who need to use the e-mail program for business and personal communication. The Microsoft Outlook 2013 is Microsoft’s flagship e-mail manager, which enables users to send & receive messages as well as control tasks, appointments, meetings, events, notes, journals, & calendars. During the course, candidates can learn to create, format, organize, and manage e-mails. Further, they can gain an in-depth understanding of personalizing the program window and the quick access tool bar for enhancing their work efficiency & productivity. This training program prepares the students for appearing for the MOS:

Ms Outlook

After completing, participants should be able to:

✔    CreEasily work in the Outlook environment, including customizing the settings, creating & assigning signatures, printing & saving information, and making searches for folders, messages, tasks, contacts, calendars, & more

✔    Create, delete, import, edit, and share contacts

✔    Set up new contact groups for easy communication with other Outlook users

✔   Add contacts & notes to a group and delete groups/group members

✔    Share Outlook calendar with others

Module: 77-423

  • Manage the Outlook environment

    • Customize Outlook settings
    • Automate Outlook
    • Print and save information in Outlook
    • Search in Outlook
  • Manage Messages

    • Create a message
    • Format a message
    • Organize and manage messages
  • Manage schedules

    • Create and manage calendars
    • Create appointments, meetings and events
    • Organize and manage appointments, meetings and events
    • Create and manage notes, tasks and journals
  • Manage contacts and groups

    • Create and manage contacts
    • Create and manage groups
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