MS Word Training for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

This MS Word 2013 Course has been designed for students, clerical workers, and instructors, who need to prepare various kinds of reports, business correspondences, multi-column newsletters, and allied documents. Word 2013 is a word processor by Microsoft, which helps in creating professional-quality documents, easily and efficiently. At “SSDN Technologies” During the course, students can gather a basic understanding of the Word environment and learn to apply the primary features of the program. It guides and prepares the students to appear for the MOS and MOS Expert

Ms Word

✔    Microsoft Office Word 2013 Certification Exam. (Exam Code - 418)

✔    Microsoft Office Word 2013 Expert Certification Exam. (Exam Code - 425 & 426)

After completing MOS, participants should be able to:

✔    Create a new document, navigate through it, and modify page setup/themes/styles

✔    Customize options & views and configure the document to print/save

✔    Insert, format, order, and group text & paragraph

✔    Create and modify tables & lists

✔    Create endnotes, footnotes, citations, & captions

✔    Insert and format building blocks, shapes, SmartArt, & images

After completing MOS Expert, participants should be able to:

✔    Manage, share, and protect documents

✔    Apply advanced formatting, including, setting of advanced layout options, character space options, & character attributes

✔    Manage forms, field, & mail merge operations

✔    Create & modify building blocks

✔    Create custom color themes/font themes/templates/style sets

✔    Create & manage indexes & reference tables

✔    Apply advanced ordering & grouping

✔    Prepare document for internationalization and accessibility

Module: 77-418

  • Create and manage documents

    • Create a document
    • Navigate through a document
    • Format a document
    • Customize options and views for documents
    • Configure documents to print or save
  • Format text, paragraphs and sections:

    • Insert text and paragraphs
    • Format text and paragraphs
    • Order and group text and paragraphs
  • Create tables and lists:

    • Create a table
    • Modify a table
    • Create and modify a list
  • Apply references:

    • Create endnotes, footnotes and citations
    • Create captions
  • Insert and format objects:

    • Insert and format building blocks
    • Insert and format shapes and SmartArt
    • Insert and format images

Duration: 32 Hours

EXAM (77-425)

  • Manage and Share documents

    • Prepare documents for review
    • Apply advanced formatting
    • Apply advanced styles
  • Create Advanced Referance

    • Manage forms, fields and mail merge operations
  • Create Custom World Elemennts

    • Create and modify building blocks
    • Create custom style sets and templates

EXAM (77-426)

  • Manage and Share documents

    • Manage multiple documents
    • Manage document changes
  • Create Advanced Referance

    • Create and manage indexes
    • Create and manage reference tables
  • Create Custom World Elemennts

    • Prepare a document for internationalisation and accessibility
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