SSDN Technologies gives you extensive learning opportunities with an option to enhance your skills with our online training courses with the freedom to attend them from virtually anywhere. With online instruction you get our industry certified classroom training experience from anywhere where you can access the Internet

Our online training platform effectively delivers our industry endorsed instructor taught learning experience directly to students at the location of their choice. Similar to our physical classrooms, students attending online training through LIVE broadcasts have real time instructor-student interaction and enrichment. The instructor teaches the course normally and also provides the opportunity for students to ask live questions via voice commands or instant message (IM) during the entire event. Online training facilitates an engaging and holistic live classroom environment allowing students to easily interact with instructors and fellow course mates as they would have done if meeting in-person with each other.

Like our traditional instruction, online classes also provide hands-on practical training to provide real-time evaluation covered in the training. This allows the student to apply and practice the skills that they learn to better hone their skills and enhance memory retention.

The online learning environment consists of our online classroom and instructor at your service during timings that you prefer; both are accessible seamlessly via our online learning management system.

Before your course begins our team will connect with you to ensure that your system is properly configured to run the class environment as well as the software you will be learning. For the best experience, we recommend students' systems be at least:

  • A personal Computer or Mac running an internet browser like Mozilla, Safari, IE etc.
  • A good Internet than Connection.
  • Sound Enabled with preferable Headphones and a microphone

With online training, we put you in the front seat during classes. You go as fast as you can without having to worry about being left behind. Our industry certified instructors will solve all your problems with ease and even give you tips on workarounds that industry-leaders use to save time and increase efficiency.

This type of training suits you if you find problems in attending regular classes or are engaged in a job or other activities. These online trainings are designed keeping in mind the distance between the instructor and the student and the virtual environment will make you feel like you are in a real classroom. Constant evaluation and checks on your practical skills will help you evaluate yourself better and help you apply yourself more in your problem areas.


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