Digital Marketing Training

Search Engine Optimization is the methodology of improving the visibility of a website on organic or natural search engine result pages (SERPs), by incorporating search engine responsive elements into a website.

How SEO Works:

You might think of a search engine as a website you visit to type anything into a box and Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or whatever search engine you're using magically shows with a long list of links to WebPages that could potentially answer your question.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Social media optimization (SMO) plays an important role in the success of Business. It is the way of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website.

SSDN Technologies provides smo training according to the modern necessity of IT industry. It is one of the best place to promote business online. It will provide a place where business can directly interact with their customers that helps your businesses to better reputation and brand building.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is basic need of today for business. Everyone wants to save his time and current trends going to online. So if you need more business you should focus more in online marketing.

Learn online marketing and Boost your website traffic generate, increase sales revenue and potential leads with better brand awareness… just like experts and agencies do it.

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Introduction Online Marketing:

    • What is Online Marketing?
    • Importance of Online Marketing
    • How Online Marketing works?
  • Website Overview

    • Types of websites
    • Websites vs. Portals
    • Page rank
    • Architecture of Website
    • Domain, Hosting
    • Difference between dynamic & static website
  • Search Engine Optimization

    • What is SEO?
    • Need of SEO
    • What is Search Engines?
    • How search engines work?
    • What is Web Traffic?
    • Different types of keywords
    • Type of SEO
    • What is SERP?
  • On Page Optimization

    • Website Analysis
    • Meta Tags
    • Creating & use Sitemaps
    • Creating & use Robots file
    • Optimize Content
    • Canonical Implementation
    • Heading Tag Optimize
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Density
    • Internal linking
    • Case Study of White Hat SEO
    • Case Study of Black Hat SEO
    • Google Sandbox Effect
    • Image Optimization
    • Optimization of Keyword
    • Many More...
  • Off Page Optimization

    • Backlinks
    • Type of Backlinks
    • Quality Backlinks
    • Link Building
    • Type of Link Building
    • Website Position Analysis
    • Google Business Listing
    • Business listing
    • Articles Submission
    • Blog Marketing
    • Blog Commenting
    • Yahoo Question Answer Participation
    • Directory Submission
    • Press Releases
    • Forums Posting
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Many More..
  • Google Algorthim

    • Google Panda
    • Google Penguin
    • Google Hamming Bird
    • Google Pay Day Loan
    • Google Pigeon
  • Google Webmaster Tool

    • What is Webmaster tool?
    • How to use
  • Google Analytics Tool

    • What is Analytics Tool?
    • Features
    • How to use

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Facebook

    • Latest trends
    • Difference between Profiles,Places, Groups and Pages
    • Facebook Connect (Like, Share,Comment)
    • Facebook Pages (Creating,Managing, Retention)
    • Pages (Dos & Don’ts)
    • Measuring and Monitoring
    • Facebook page Insights
    • Facebook and ecommerce
    • Advantages and challenges
  • Google+

    • Setting Social Objectives
    • Social Strategies & Tactics for Google+
    • Integration with your site
    • Promoting a Brand on Google+ using Pages
    • Tools
    • URL Shortening Tools
  • YouTube

    • Online video-
    • Viral’ films and brand
    • Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
    • Social sharing, comments and reviews
    • Getting an audience
    • Creating and managing an account
    • Using Ads inside Videos
    • Promoting YouTube Videos
  • LinkedIn

    • Introduction to LinkedIn
    • Creating the right profile & settings
    • Increasing reach and visibility
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Answers, events, messaging
    • Company Pages
  • Twitter

    • Introduction to Twitter
    • Twitter Demographics
    • Use for reputation, promotion,sales, conversing, listening,research
    • Business examples: Ecommerce,Support (listening & responding), PR, Image
    • Who to follow
    • Tweeting (Responding to others,RT, Hash Tags, Direct Messages)
    • Twitter Account Promotion
    • Searching tweets and users
  • Pinterest

    • Pinterest Brand Profile
    • Relevant Boards & Pin creation
    • Followers & Following
    • Pin Likes, Re-pin,Commenting

Duration: 120 Hours

  • Introduction Digital Marketing:

    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Importance of Digital Marketing
    • How Digital Marketing works?
  • Website Overview

    • Types of websites
    • Websites vs. Portals
    • Page rank
    • Architecture of Website
    • Domain, Hosting
    • Difference between dynamic & static website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Introduction of SEO
    • On page
    • Off page
    • Google webmaster tools
    • Google Algorithm
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    • Introduction of SMO
    • Face book
    • Google+
    • Linkedin
    • LinkedinPinterest
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)

    • Introduction of SMM
    • Facebook campaign
    • Linked Campaign
    • Twitter Campaign
  • Email Marketing

    • What is email marketing?
    • Biggest challenge in email marketing
    • Need of Email Marketing
    • Increasing email subscription/opt-in list
    • Using software’s to do email marketing
    • Creating your own email list of millions
    • Writing a good email creative or html template
  • Mobile Marketing

    • The Development of Mobile Marketing
    • Various Forms of Mobile Marketing
    • Mobile Apps
    • How Consumers Use Mobile Marketing
    • Targeting ads on Apps/Location
    • Geo-Targeting Your Campaign for Smart phones
    • Advertising on mobile
  • Google Analytics

    • What is Google analytics?
    • Why analytics is so important?
    • Setting up your website with analytics
    • Fundamentals of Google analytics
    • Monitoring bounce rate
    • Setting up goals and funnels
    • Setting filters and segmentation
    • Tracking conversions
    • Monitoring website performance
    • Monitoring traffic sources
  • Ecommerce Marketing

    • What is ecommerce?
    • Top ecommerce websites around the world
    • Ecommerce Scenario in India
    • Why you need a solid ecommerce
    • Formulating right ecommerce marketing strategy
    • Using affiliate marketing to promote
    • A case study on ecommerce marketing
  • Google Ad Word (PPC)

    • Introduction to PPC
    • How PPC Works
    • Different PPC tool to conclude on a decision
    • Account Structure & Campaign Set-Up
    • Keyword Research, Traffic Estimator Tool
    • Search network ads
    • Display networks ads and all networks
    • Maintaining Good Quality Score
    • Re marketing Ads
  • Special Modules

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Blogging
    • Online Reputation Management
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