MCSE Business Intelligence

MCSE Business Intelligence (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) training from SSDN Technologies will take you out to build your career as Database Business Intelligence Solution Developer and will cover all of your expectations. The main responsibility of this course include creating Analysis and Reporting solutions through implementation of analytical data model, create business performance dashboards and Data mining and predictive analysis. Get trained, how to appliance Business Intelligence to handle Big Data on Microsoft platform. You will also use PowerPivot, Power View, Power Map etc. to create analytical data model, interactive data visualizations, geographic data visualizations etc.

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After completing the training successfully, participants will be able to:

  • Create multidimensional database with Analysis Services efficiently.
  • Be aware of architecture, components, and nature of a BI solution very easily.
  • How to efficiently implement Tabular Data Model in SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Prepare a reports with charts and parameters using reporting Services in attractive way.
  • Use Data Mining for Predictive Analysis.
  • Appear in Microsoft Online certification Exam: 70-466, 70-467.

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling

    • Introduction to Business Intelligence
    • The Microsoft Enterprise BI Platform
    • Creating Data Sources and Data Source Views
    • Creating a Cube
    • Overview of Cube Security
  • Working with Cubes and Dimensions

    • Configuring Dimensions
    • Defining Attribute Hierarchies
    • Sorting and Grouping Hierarchies
  • Working with Measures and Measure Groups

    • Working with Measures
    • Working with Measure Groups
  • Introduction to MDX

    • MDX Fundamentals
    • Adding Calculations to a Cube
    • Using MDX to Query a Cube
  • Customizing Cube Functionality

    • Implementing Key Performance Indicators
    • Implementing Actions
    • Creating a Cube
    • Implementing Perspectives
    • Implementing Translations
  • Implementing an Analysis Services Tabular Data Model

    • Introduction to Tabular Data Models
    • Creating a Tabular Data Model
    • Using an Analysis Services Tabular Data Model in an Enterprise BI Solution
  • Introduction to Data Analysis Expression (DAX)

    • DAX Fundamentals
    • Using DAX to Create calculated Columns and Measures in a Tabular Data Model
  • Implementing Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services

    • Introduction to Reporting Services
    • Creating a Report with Report Designer
    • Grouping and Aggregating Data in a Report
    • Showing Data Graphically
    • Filtering Reports Using Parameters
  • Automating Report Execution and Delivery

    • Managing Report Security
    • Managing Report Execution
    • Delivering Reports with Subscriptions and Data Alerts
    • Troubleshooting Reporting Services
  • Delivering BI with SharePoint Performance Point Services

    • Introduction to SharePoint Server as a BI Platform
    • Planning Security for a SharePoint Server BI Solution
    • Planning for Performance Point Services
  • Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining

    • Overview of Data Mining
    • Using the Data Mining Add-in for Excel
    • Creating a Custom Data Mining Solution
    • Validating a Data Mining Model
    • Connecting to and Consuming Data Mining Data

Duration: 40 Hours

  • Introduction to Self-Service Business Intelligence

    • Extending Enterprise BI
    • Microsoft Self-Service BI and Big Data Technologies
  • Self-Service Reporting

    • Introduction to Self-Service Reporting
    • Shared Data Sources and Datasets
    • Report Parts
  • Self-Service Data Modeling with Power Pivot

    • Creating Data Models in Excel with Power Pivot
    • Using DAX in a Power Pivot Data Model
  • Importing Data with Power Query

    • Introduction to Power Query
    • Using Power Query to Import Data
  • Visualizing Data with Power View in Microsoft Excel

    • Introduction to Power View
    • Creating Dynamic Data Visualizations
  • Visualizing Geographic Data with Power Map

    • Introduction to Power Map
    • Using Power Map
  • Collaborative BI with Microsoft SharePoint Server

    • Sharing Power Pivot Workbooks
    • Managing Power Pivot Services in SharePoint Server
    • Using Power View in SharePoint Server
  • Introduction to Big Data and Microsoft Azure HD Insig

    • Introduction to Big Data
    • Windows Azure HD Insight
  • Processing Big Data with Pig and Hive

    • Processing Big Data with Pig
    • Processing Big Data with Hive
  • Implementing Big Data Processing Solutions with Microsoft Azure HD Insight

    • Automating Big Data Processing Tasks
    • Integrating Windows Azure HDInsight with Enterprise Data
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