SSDN technologies Provide some Facilities for International Students so that they can make their stay in India more comfortable.

Local Travel

Without local transportation in a city it will be very difficult for people to go from one place to another, especially students who come from abroad to study at our institute, SSDN Technologies.

It is imminent for them to have a knowledge of the local transportation of the Delhi\ NCR region enabling them to reach our institute located at:

M-44, Old-DLF, Sec-14, Gurgaon, Haryana. Pin code - 122001.

Delhi/NCR has a variety of means of transportation to get you to your destination. The routes or vehicles you need to take in order to reach our institute according to your choice are enlisted below:

  • A)Delhi Metro
  • B)Buses
  • C)Taxi
  • D) Auto Rickshaws( Tuk-Tuk)


During your initial stay in India you can try out these food joints of international repute who follow quality standards and offer a variety of meals that can satisfy your hunger. They are listed below:

1) McDonalds:

It is undeniably one of the largest and best food retail chains around the world. Their service is impeccable. You receive your order in a matter of minutes upon placing it. Their wide choices cater to veg and non-veg customers and they serve a variety of beverages too.

2) Dominoes Pizza:

The top-ranked pizza chain of the world. You can order any kind of pizza, beg or non-veg from them via online services or on call. They are situated barely 5 minutes from our institute and also offer home delivery for free.

3) KFC:

Kentucky Fried Chicken as it is popularly known is another food retail supremo specializing in non-veg recipes. They also have veg items on offer. They also offer free home delivery on applicable orders so that you can concentrate on studying while the order arrives at your doorstep.

4) Subway:

Subway is a brand that offers sandwiches, footlongs and other flat-bread delicacies. Their products are all fresh and hand chopped. Prices are satisfactory for the amount of ingredient choices they give you while assembling the sandwiches.

Mobile Sim

For all International learners wanting to study at SSDN Technologies, staying connected to your friends and family in your home country while studying in India, there is no cause for worry. All you need is an International mobile SIM card.

  • Carrying a Local SIM Card will help you to enjoy local call rates applicable in India.
  • This will help you save up to about 85% on your International Roaming expenses with while staying in India.
  • In India mobile connectivity is very cheap and affordable even for International students.
  • Make arrangements for a Local SIM card service before you arrive in India with the help of relatives or friends in India. That way, you get to use your phone immediately upon arrival with a SIM card change.
  • Please make sure you have a valid ID and police clearance from your home country for obtaining a Local SIM card in India.

A local Mobile SIM card will definitely make your stay in India peaceful and comfortable by keeping you connected with your friends and family in India and abroad.


Here are a few tips you can follow to secure a good place to live in:

a) Calculate your budget:

Before you start rummaging through listings, ascertain your budget first. Since you are a student, spend wisely on your rent and amenities.

b) Choose your location:

Proximity to your college with easy access to public transportation is essential. Seek the advice of friends or social media to help you decide better.

c) Diversify your search:

Don’t limit your search to just apartments, try homes, PGs, hostels and the likes. Contact local agents and brokers and get details of the places you wish to visually check upon arrival.

d) Consider roommates:

Opting to live with roommates helps cut your share of the rent. Also, it is safer to live with people than to live alone.

It is advisable to either visit eCommerce websites which display details about the accommodation and help connect you to the landlord.


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