SSDN Technology Initiative for Training and Skills Development in Government Departments

Our initiative to impart training and conduct skills development programs in Government sector is based on the following concepts and goals:

  • Concept.
  • ✔    Increasing penetration of e governance techniques and digital India infrastructure will entail contextual training and skills development for technology absorption and optimization of resources.

    ✔    Dynamic learning environment in government departments will become a critical necessity.

    ✔    The training requirement of each department will have to be customized as per specific expectations of all stakeholders and charter of duty of the organization.

  • Goals.
  • Our goal in this sector is:

    ✔    To impart such technical and managerial skills to the departments that will act as catalysts in ensuring highest performance benchmarks.

    ✔    The quality of our training will be so good that all government departments will invest in this venture willingly.

    ✔    We will ensure that the return on investments on this training remains much higher (than the investment). Hence it will always be a win-win proposition.

Scope and Types of Training and Skills Development

Relevant technical and managerial skills are developed amongst the employees for exploitation of technologies and optimization of resources. Specific skills being developed are:

  • Managerial Skills
  • ✔    Leadership and stress management.

    ✔    Communications, inter personal relations and team building

    ✔    Problem solving and negotiation.

    ✔    Public speaking, brainstorming and group discussions.

    ✔    Creative thinking.

  • Technical Skills pertaining to e governance
  • ✔    Basic Computer Applications – MS Office

    ✔    Basic Data base management

    ✔    Network security

    ✔     Data Analytics

    ✔    Web design and working in net work web environment

    ✔    Virtualization

    ✔    Cyber forensic and cyber security


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