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    Citrix Certification CCA-N 1Y0-240

    Citrix CCA-N Exam Overview

    The citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 is one of the most popular and sophisticated citrix examination. The exam will be conducted for 105 minutes and has a minimum passing score of 66%. Any candidate who fails to get this minimum passing marks will not get the citrix certification. The exam consists of 68 questions that the candidates need to answer within the given time. However non-native English candidates will get an extra 30 minutes of time. However, there will be some items which will not carry any scores but has been integrated only the for research purposes. So that will not affect the overall marks of the citrix examination.

    Citrix CCA-N Examination helps the candidates to become much more knowledgeable and experienced of the IT industry and various Citrix systems.


    Recommended Knowledge and Skills

    To crack the citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 examination, it is important that the candidates have the following knowledge and skill. Having prior knowledge and idea about these skills will help the candidates to prepare more efficiently for the citrix exam.

    •  Basic Networking 
    •  Windows and Linux Server administration 
    •  TCP/IP, HTTP protocols and the OSI model 
    •  Server load balancing and content switching concepts 
    •  Web server software 
    •  DNS, SSL and compression concepts 
    •  Manage and configure Network security threats and site protection concepts 


    Recommended Training

     Here is the training courses which the candidates can apply for before appearing for the citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 exam:

    •  CNS 220 Citrix ADC Essentials and Traffic Management. 


    Recommended Product Experience

    Candidates who have knowledge and idea about the following topics in a Citrix ADC 12 solution will be in a much better position to crack the citrix examination. The candidates will need to have 6 months of experience in all these topics.

    •  Basic Networking 
    •  Content Switching 
    •  Global Server Load Balancing 
    •  Citrix ADC Platforms 
    •  Traffic Optimization 
    •  SSL Offload 
    •  High Availability 
    •  Load Balancing 
    •  Troubleshooting Citrix ADC 
    •  Securing the Citrix ADC 
    •  Classic and Default Policies 
    •  Rewrite, Responder, and URL Transform 
    •  Getting Started with Citrix ADC 



    How long is CCA-N 1Y0-240 certification valid?

    The citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 examination certificate is valid for 3 years. All the professionals who pass the examination will be eligible to get the CCA–N 1Y0-240 certification. You can visit the Pearson VUE website for more information regarding validity and other details about the citrix examination. 

    Where to take Citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 exam?

    You can visit the Pearson VUE website at  to help find yourself a testing center in your local area and register for the citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 examination. You may also register in person at any Pearson VUE testing center situated nearby.

    How to prepare for Citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 exam?

    The aspirants who are interested to sit for the Citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 examination, are required to follow the course syllabus that they can find at the official website. They should enroll themselves into an institute to study under a good faculty who will prepare them for citrix examination in the right way. 

    How do I get Citrix CCA-N 1Y0-240 certified?

    You will need to pass the CCA-N 1Y0-240 examination in order to get the verified certification from Citrix that you can use at various places. Visit the official website to get more information regarding the citrix exam certification.

    How to get Citrix exam voucher?

    You will get the Citrix exam voucher when you have successfully enrolled yourself for the exam from an authorized testing center or via the website. The details of the examination have been mentioned in this article and for further details you can visit the official website.

    How long is the Citrix exam?

    The Citrix exam is conducted for 105 minutes for the candidates who are native English speakers. Whereas the non-native and non-English speaking candidates receive 105 + 30 minutes of time for completing the citrix examination.

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