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Discounted CompTIA CYSA+ Exam Voucher

CompTIA CYSA+ Exam Overview

CompTIA CYSA+ CS0-002 certification is performance-based and Multiple choice exam with a maximum of 85 questions. Duration of exam is 165 minutes and the passing score is 750 (on a scale of 100-900). 

Become a cybersecurity analyst and gain knowledge of behavioral analytics that will assist you in proactively defending and improving an organization's security. With the help of the CompTIA Cysa + exam, you can turn into a cybersecurity analyst. You can take the exam using the CompTIA Cysa+ voucher that enables you to take the exam through an authorized CompTIA test service provider. An exam voucher is generally used as a gift card. Most employers sponsor their employees' certification learning by providing those vouchers for their respective certification exams.

Recommended Experience for CompTIA CYSA+ Exam

There are no special prerequisites for CompTIA Cysa+, but if you have 3–4 years of hands-on or related experience in handling information security, or some technical and hands-on focus on CompTIA security+, or any equivalent experience, you will find a smooth transition to getting the certification.

    CompTIA CYSA+ Exam Voucher Details

    Before you move on to purchase the voucher for your next attempt at the Cybersecurity Cysa+ exam, you should keep the following points in mind.

    • All vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be returned. 
    • It is a one-to-one ratio. It means that one voucher is valid for one exam at an authorized CompTIA Cysa+ test service provider. 
    • The validity of all the vouchers is 12 months, right from the date of purchase. 
    • Make sure that you must attempt the exam before the voucher expires. 
    • No change is expected in this context with voucher expiration dates. 
    • CompTIA holds the right to suspend the certification exam and cancel the voucher. 
    • For more information, you can visit the CompTIA official website. 


    13% offCompTIA CYSA+ Exam Voucher
    CompTIA CYSA+ Exam Voucher
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