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CompTIA Security+ Exam Voucher

CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Voucher

 CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 exam  consist maximum of 90 questions. It is a 90 minute examination where the examinees have to score 750 on a scale of 100-900. There will be multiple choice questions and performance based. CompTIA Security+ examination certifies and validates that the professionals who pass this exam has the knowledge and skills, which is required to install and configure systems in order to secure applications, networks and devices. We have CompTIA Security+ exam coucher with discounted price. 

 CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 exam voucher  also validates that now they are able to perform threat analysis and suggest appropriate mitigation techniques. They are fully prepared to participate in risk mitigation activities and operate with sound knowledge of applicable policies, laws and regulations. These tasks will be performed by them to support the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability. You can enroll yourself at SSDN Technologies for the proper guidance about CompTIA Security+ exam voucher. 

Note: Our CompTIA Security+ Exam voucher  is only valid in Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Svalbard, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

 Term & Conditions:  

  • If you are purchasing voucher for more than one product then for every product you will receive separate emails. 
  • Once the voucher expires, the certification assessment attempt become invalid. 
  • The voucher code in this order may be used once and is not transferable to other products. 
  • CompTIA the right to make changes in voucher expiration dates. Expiration dates are subject to change depending on course and promotion availability. 
  • The certification assessment attempt becomes invalid, once the voucher expire 
  • No refunds will be issued as all the sales by CompTIA are final. 

Recommended Experience for CompTIA Security+ Exam

The professionals who hold the following experience are eligible to sit for the CompTIA Security+ exam-

  • Candidate should have minimum two years of experience in IT administration with a focus on security. 

Recommended Knowledge and Skills

To sit in the CompTIA Security+ exam , an IT professional should have the following knowledge and skills-

  • Security and Network administrators should have core cyber security skills. 
  • Experience in day to day technical information security would be a plus point. 
  • Should have broad knowledge of security concerns and its implementation, which also includes the topics in the domain list. 

What You Should know Before Giving CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam?

Having knowledge about these topics would help you in cracking the CompTIA Security+ exam easily:

1 - Threats, Attacks & Vulnerabilities:
     The professionals would detect various types of compromise and will also learn about penetration testing and vulnerability scanning concepts.

2 - Technologies & Tools:
     They would be required to install, configure and deploy network components while addressing and troubleshooting issues support overall organizational security.

3 - Architecture & Design: 
     They will be asked to secure network architecture concepts and system design.

4 - Identity & Access Management:
  They professionals need to install and configure identity and access services along with management controls.

5 - Risk Management:
     The learned will be responsible to implement and summarize risk management best practices and the business impact.

6 - Cryptography & PKI: 
     The certified professionals would need to install and configure wireless security settings and implement public key  infrastructure.


Prerequisites for CompTIA Security+ Exam

Along with CompTIA Network+ Certification and a minimum two years of experience in networking support and IT administration, a professional seeking to appear for the Security+ examination should have the following set of skills and knowledge-

  • Should know the functions and basic features of PC components. 
  • Should be familiar with Windows software to create and manage files and use basic administrative features like Explorer, Control Panel and Management Consoles. 
  • Should understand the basic networking terminologies and functions such as the OSI Model, Topology, Ethernet, TCP/IP, Switches and Routers. 
  • Should understand TCP/IP addressing, core protocols and troubleshooting tools. 


What is CompTIA Security+ Exam?

CompTIA Security+ exam is an examination for IT professionals with focus on system security. The CompTIA exam tests and validate the core knowledge expected from any cyber security role and provides helps them to qualify to intermediate-level cyber security jobs.

What is the cost of CompTIA Security+ Exam?

The CompTIA Security+ exam cost is $392, which varies from country to country. But at SSDN Technoloiges, we are offering the CompTIA Security+ Exam voucher on a discounted price of $342. 

How long is CompTIA Security+ exam voucher valid?

CompTia Security+ Exam voucher is valid for one year from the purchase date. So you must take your comptia exam for the expiry date of CompTia exam voucher.

Where to take CompTIA Security+ Exam?

The students who are willing to take the CompTIA Security+ examination can go to CompTIA official website and register for the CompTIA exam. 

How to prepare for CompTIA Security+ Exam?

A detailed study guide is provided by the CompTIA itself which the examinees can purchase from its official website which also provides mock examinations for practicing. You can also join us for getting in-depth knowledge about CompTIA exam. 

How do I get CompTIA Security+ Exam certified?

A student who wants to get CompTIA Security+ certified has to appear and pass in the examination to earn the certificate and become a networking security professional. 

How to get CompTIA Security+ Exam Voucher?

We, at SSDN Technologies provide CompTIA Security+ exam vouchers  for the Security+ examination. Contact now to get the vouchers before it runs out. Also you can check CompTIA official website.

For more information on CompTIA exam, CompTIA exam voucher, CompTIA Certification, cost of CompTIA Security+ exam, CompTIA Security+ exam fee, contact SSDN Technologies now.

15% offDiscounted CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Voucher
Discounted CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Voucher
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