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    Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Voucher

    CEH Exam

    The CEH v10 examination will have 125 questions and the candidates will receive 4 hours to complete the examination. The cut score can range anywhere between 60% - 85%. Ethical hacking is the process which allows a person to penetrate into others computers to check for vulnerabilities and security threats with the full permission and legal support to do so. This is mostly done for protective and corrective measures to cover any loophole or prevent any breach from happening. Certified Ethical Hackers are skilled to understand the weaknesses and other vulnerabilities of targeted systems and with the help of their knowledge, they prevent malicious hackers from causing any nuisance. This CEH V10 examination is conducted to check the skills and abilities of the candidates as to whether they are eligible to become ethical hackers or not.

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    Target Audience

    The target audience for the Certified Ethical hacker exam consists of these following professionals - 

    •  Security officers, auditors, security administrators and other professionals who are concerned and want to know more about the various integrities that are available in the network infrastructure.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria for the CEH v10 certification exam voucher includes the following points - 

    •  The candidates must have attended and completed an official EC-Council training with certificate. 
    •  The candidates must have at least a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the InfoSec domain.


    Passing Criteria

    The passing criteria for the CEH v10 exam includes some very important points. To maintain the high score levels, the passing criteria for the students can get a bit difficult. There are different process with the help of which the cut off score is calculated. Candidates need to acquire atleast 60% - 85% marks for passing the examination. 


    Here are some important frequently asked questions.

    What is EC Council CEH v10 Exam? 

    The CEH v10 exam voucher is the EC-Council examination that is conducted for choosing the right candidates for becoming ethical hackers. The candidates need to pass the CEH v10 examination with the eligible cut off marks and get the certificate for an ethical hacker.

    What is the cost of CEH v10 Exam? 

    The cost of the CEH v10 examinations are different based on the course it has been based on. The original cost of the Certified Ethical hacker exam is $100 which is charged as a registration fee for the examination.

    How long is CEH v10 certification valid?

    The CEH v10 certification is valid for 3 years year but you can renewed each period successfully getting the ECE (EC-Council Continued Education) credits. So once the date of the warranty passes you need to check with them.  

    Where to take EC Council CEH v10 Exam voucher ?

    The Certified Ethical hacker exam is conducted mainly from any ECC Exam Centre and Pearson Vue testing centers. For getting the voucher visit the official website  . You can get the ec- council exam voucher from us also.

    How to prepare for CEH v10 Exam? 

    You can get prepared for the CEH v10 exam by applying for different online mock tests, read previous years books, you can even admit yourself at SSDN Technologies for the EC-COUNCIL training and exam voucher. 

    How do I get EC Council CEH v10 certified? 

    You need to pass the EC Council CEH v10 examination in order to get CEH v10 Certified.    

    How long is the CEH v10 Exam ?

    The EC Council CEH v10 exam is conducted for a total of 4 hours which means 240 minutes. Every candidate who will sit for the CEH v10 examination will be given the deadline to finish their exam.

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