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Discounted CTIA Exam Voucher

About CTIA Exam Voucher

The CTIA exam will have 50 questions and the candidates will receive 2 hours to complete the ceh certification exam. The cut score can range anywhere between 70% - 85%. If you buy CTIA exam voucher from SSDN Technologies then you will get a free CTIA exam preparation kit. 

Are you the one who is the owner of an analytical mind? Do you believe in critical thinking? If yes, then you could be the next Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst. Threat Intelligence is all related to the activities forsaken by most conventional intelligence agencies. Such agencies are engaged in analyzing and neutralizing threats that could cause any sort of harm in the near future. Once you become a Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst, you become a guard of an organization’s cyber security system, whose job is to keep a 360-degree eye on existing or unforeseen threats.

 What is the CTIA Exam? 

A CTIA exam is defined as a specialist-designed training and certification program that allows security personnel to use a structured approach to gain threat intelligence. EC-Council is known to have designed this training and credential program for aspirants. This course program is meant to deliver standard-based practical intensive skills to deserving candidates who want to acquire the required skills related to information security systems.

 Note: This Voucher is valid only for India. 

The course program revolves around collecting reliable data from various sources followed by context analysis. After this, aspirants are taught how to make useful intelligence and then how to process the distribution of the derived results to the stakeholders.

The CTIA exam gives cyber security personnel an upgrade that allows them to use the latest and upgraded tactics, procedures, and techniques for potential threats. In short, an upgrade to use the methods of preventing cyber theft is what is offered by the CTIA exam Voucher.

Who can take this CTIA Exam?

The EC-council made this Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst exam suitable for people who work in the field of cyber security. This course plus certification exam is designed to skill up people who work as:

  • Ethical hackers 
  • Specialist in Threat Intelligence 
  • Analyst in Threat Intelligence 
  • SOC Professionals 
  • Malware Analyst 
  • Digital Forensic Analyst 
  • Threat Hunters 
  • Incident Response Team Members 

Apart from the above, individuals who want to sharpen their skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security and cyber threats can take this CTIA exam.

    What Are the Learning Objectives of the CTIA exam?

    Before initiating the exam preparation, you should make yourself clear about the exam objectives. You should be aware of the learning objectives of the CTIA exam. Only then can you make the best efforts from your side. Let’s have a look at the objectives of the Certified Intelligence Threat Analysis training.

    • This training and credentials aim to enable organizations to run threat intelligence programs that will impart effective advice against those potential threats. 
    • This training aims to ensure the regular practice of the capabilities and protective measures taken against potential threats by the concerned organization. 
    • To offer individuals with knowledge of data analysis techniques is another motive behind this CTIA exam. An individual will learn how to use techniques such as Statistical Data Analysis, Structured Data Analysis, and Competing Hypotheses to benefit the organization. 
    • In short, this CTIA training and credential aim to provide a platform for aspirants to share their operational and tactical intelligence. 
    • A complete CTIA training and credential aims to prepare a candidate with the proper knowledge that helps him in creating an effective threat intelligence report. 

    How to prepare for the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Exam (CTIA exam)?

    The CTIA exam is meant for those whose job is to deal with threats on a daily basis. Thus, if you are looking forward to taking this exam, then your preparation should be at par with the measure of excellence required to pass the exam. Here below, you will find a step-by-step guide to help you crack the exam with excellence.

     Step-1: Concept Clarity 
    Your initial step begins with clearing the concepts before heading up for the preparation. You should have an outline of the module and concepts that you need to cover to pass the exam. Remember to take a note of the detailed exam concepts from the official handle of EC-Council.

     Step-2: Give it a fixed learning schedule 
    That’s a must for those who really want to make it a win-win situation. Always remember to stick to a fixed schedule for preparation. Your daily routine and work can distract you. Thus, it’s always better to start off with a study plan, thereby dividing the topics, depending upon their priority list. Always track your preparations. Don’t forget to cover the syllabus early. This will help you to polish your weak areas and prepare for the best. Don’t leave anything for the last minute preparation.

     Step-3: Keep reference books handy 
    While preparing for the CTIA exam, you should keep the reference books handy. This will certainly help you with concept clarity and also give you an in-depth understanding of the topics. Also, you should keep an eye on the online learning materials available. These days, you can find a great source of learning materials online that could be of great help in sharpening your knowledge and skills on the concerned topic.

     Step-4: Take up the training course 
    Taking up a training course from a reputed institute can be of great help. This will help you to gain a profound knowledge of the exam. You can go with the SSDN Technologies CTIA training module that will make you familiar with the skills required for the exam.

     Step-5: Practice with practice tests 
    This will be your final step in preparation. You can check your learning caliber and your preparation aptitude by taking practice tests. This will help you to analyze your hard work score along with your weak areas. Also, taking the tests will let you learn time management skills.
    The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst exam is meant for those who want to validate their skills in threat intelligence. If you are interested in being one, then start your preparation for the CTIA exam today.


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