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EC-Council Incident Handler Exam

The EC-Council Certified Incident Handler examination is conducted for 100 marks and the candidates will get 3 hours or 180 minutes to complete it. The examination has a score percentage of 70%. The duty of an Incident Handler is to describe and identify different Cybersecurity breach and vulnerabilities that may arise in different computer systems. These incidents can seriously harm any company or organisation, with a risk of data leak as well. The ECIH certified professionals will be able to handle and manage various kinds of cybersecurity incidents, reduce internet breach risks, and also introduce new methodologies. Various incidents that includes network security, malacious code and also insider attack threats. So an Incident Handler will be able to prevent, sustain and also recover from a system from vulnerable position to a stable one.


  EC-Council Incident Handler

ECIH Exam Code


ECIH Exam Cost

  $286 (USD)

ECIH Exam Duration

  3 Hours

Number of Questions


ECIH Passing Score


 Note:  Our ECIH Exam voucher is only valid for EC-Council sites. This voucher will not work on Pearson Vue sites.   

 Terms & Conditions:  

  • If you are purchasing voucher for more than one product then for every product you will receive separate emails. 
  • Once the voucher expires, the certification assessment attempt become invalid. 
  • The voucher code in this order may be used once and is not transferable to other products. 
  • EC-Council the right to make changes in voucher expiration dates. Expiration dates are subject to change depending on course and promotion availability. 
  • The certification assessment attempt becomes invalid, once the voucher expire 
  • No refunds will be issued as all the sales by EC-Council are final. 

If you want the best training for ECIH Certification, then SSDN Technologies will surely help you. We have the best and verified ECIH certified trainers who will guide and support you throughout the EC-Council course.

Target Audience For ECIH Exam

The target audience for the ECIH Certification exam consists of these following professionals 

  •  Incident handlers 
  •  Firewall administrators 
  •  Penetration testers 
  •  Cyber forensic investigators 
  •  Venerability assessment auditors 
  •  Risk assessment administrators 
  •  System engineers 
  •  Network managers 

Eligibility Criteria For ECIH Exam

The eligibility criteria for the ECIH Exam Voucher certification includes the following points - 

  •  EC-COUNCIL Training - If the candidate has successfully completed the EC-Council training either from any Accredited Training Center or with the help of iClass platform, they are directly eligible for applying for the exam. 
  •  Without EC-COUNCIL Training - Those candidates who do not have an EC-Council training, will need to have atleast 1 year of minimum work experience in the post of any security services. They will also need to provide a $100 registration fee and this amount of money is non-refundable. 

Passing Score of ECIH Exam

The candidates who want to crack the ECIH Exam, will need to work hard to achieve the cut off marks. The cut off marks required to pass the ECIH exam is 70%. Therefore it is of vital importance that the candidates undergo a good training session for the ECIH examination.


Here are the top frequently asked questions which you will need to know about the ECIH Exam.

What is ECIH Certification exam?

The ECIH Certification is the ec- council examination that is conducted for choosing the right candidates for becoming Internet Handler. The candidates need to pass the examination with the eligible cut off marks and get the certificate for an ethical handler.

What is the cost of ECIH Certification exam?

The cost of the EC-Council Certified Incident Handler exam is $300 which is charged as a registration fee for the ECIH examination.

How long is the ECIH certification valid?

The ECIH Certification is valid for 3 years but you can renewed each period successfully getting the ECE (EC-Council Continued Education) credits. So once the date of the warranty passes you need to check with them.

Where to take EC Council ECIH Certification exam voucher?

The ECIH exam voucher is conducted mainly from any ECC Exam Centre and Pearson Vue testing centers. For getting the voucher visit the official website . You can get the voucher from us also.

How to prepare for ECIH examination?

You can get prepared for the ECIH examination by applying for different online mock tests, read previous years books, you can even admit yourself at SSDN Technologies for the EC-COUNCIL training and exam voucher. 

How do I get EC Council ECIH certified?

You need to pass the EC Council ECIH examination in order to get ECIH Certified.

How long is the ECIH Certification exam?

The EC Council ECIH Exam is conducted for a total of 3 hours which means 180 minutes. Every candidate who will sit for the examination will be give the deadline to finish their exam. In this time the candidates need to answer 100 questions.

10% off10% Discount on ECIH Exam Voucher
10% Discount on ECIH Exam Voucher
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