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RHCE Official Exam Voucher + Official Books And Retake Free

RHCE EX300 Exam Overview

The Red Hat RHCE exam code EX300  is a performance based exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, which is conducted to test and determine whether the examinee has the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required in or expected from a senior system administrator who is responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. An RHCE exam  is 3.50 hours of total 300 marks, out of which the examinee has to score a minimum of 70 % i.e. 210 marks. 

A Red Hat Certified System Administrator is only eligible to sit for the RHCE exam  and be RHCE certification  holder only if he has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a senior system administrator whose responsibility is to handle Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems. It is expected from an RHCE certification examination candidate that he has consulted the RHCSA exam  objectives and is also capable of performing RHCSA level tasks, as some of these skills may find requirements while fulfilling the RHCE exam objectives. The Red Hat Certified Engineer salary is considered as one of the highest paying salary structures in Linux field averaging an annual salary of $90,000. The RHCE salary  also varies as per their job role, the organizations and the work experience they hold. 


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 Note:  Exam voucher is only valid in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. 

 Terms & Conditions:  

  • If you are purchasing voucher for more than one product then for every product you will receive separate emails. 
  • Once the voucher expires, the certification assessment attempt become invalid. 
  • The voucher code in this order may be used once and is not transferable to other products. 
  • Red Hat the right to make changes in voucher expiration dates. Expiration dates are subject to change depending on course and promotion availability. 
  • The certification assessment attempt becomes invalid, once the voucher expire 
  • No refunds will be issued as all the sales by Red Hat are final. 

Prerequisites for RHCE EX300 Exam

Following are the prerequisites required before taking up the RHCE exam:

  •  Should have completed System Administration I, II or III, RHCE Rapid Track Course, or an equivalent experience. 
  •  Should also have experience of real-world system administration. 

Recommended Training For EX300 exam

Recommended training courses for Windows system administrators (Who have minimal Linux experience):

  •  Red Hat System Administration II along with RHCSA examination (RH135). 
  •  Red Hat System Administration I (RH124). 
  •  Red Hat System Administration III along with RHCSA and RHCE exams (RH255). 
  •  Red Hat System Administration III (RH254). 
  •  Red Hat System Administration II (RH134). 

Recommended training courses for Linux or UNIX administrators holding 1-3 years of experience:

  •  RHCSA Fast track training (RH199). 
  •  RHCSA Fast track training along with exam (RH200). 

Recommended training courses for senior Linux administrators:

  •  RHCE Fast Track training (RH299). 
  •  RHCE Fast track training with RHCSA and RHCE exam (RH300). 

Recommended training courses for Solaris administrators:

  •  RHCE Fast track training (RH299). 
  •  RHCE Fast Track training with RHCSA and RHCE exam (RH300). 

Target Audience for RHCE Exam

Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam (EX300) is targeted at the following audience: 

  •  Those IT professionals who have currently hold RHCSA certification and are also interested in moving forward in earning higher Red Hat certifications i.e. RHCE certification. 
  •  Those administrators who hold experience in Red Hat Enterprise Linux administration and are seeking validation of their abilities. 
  •  Those students who have attended the RHCE Certification lab or Red Hat System Administration I, II and III courses. 
  •  Those experienced Linux system administrators who want a certification from their organization. 
  •  An RHCE candidate who is noncurrent and has also passed the RHCSA examination.   


What is the cost of RHCE exam?

The Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam cost is 400 USD. This cost is exclusively the RHCE exam cost and does not involve any training costs. If the candidates wishes to undergo the RHCE training course before taking the exam, then he has to spend an additional amount of around $200-300 USD for the training. 

How do I get RHCE certified?

In order to be RHCE certified, a participant has to first obtain the RHCSA certification and become RHCSA certified. Only then, he can sit for the RHCE exam. The training which is recommended for the RHCE certification is totally based on the candidate’s knowledge and skills.

Is RHCSA required for RHCE?

Yes, RHCSA exam is required to be passed for earning the RHCE certification. Since RHCSA is the primary or basic level exam and RHCE is the advanced level under Red Hat certifications, so RHCSA is a prerequisite for the RHCE certification.

Is RHCE a good certification?

RHCE certification is an addition to a professional’s existing Linux Administration skills. RHCE certification is not only good but in fact the best as this examination validates and demonstrates the examinee’s knowledge and skills to handle real world problems as a Linux administrator.

How long is RHCE valid?

The RHCE exam certificate is valid for a period of three years from the date when the certification was achieved. And, to maintain the certification, the certificate holder must pass any RHCA exam or the RHCE exam again before the end of the three year period. 

Is RHCE certification worth it?

Yes, the RHCE certification is actually worth the cost it takes to earn it as the certificate yields return in multiple folds to the certificate holder. An RHCE exam is a senior level Linux system administrator examination which helps in validating the advanced Linux OS functions and knowledge and also in gaining senior administrator job profile in top IT companies with lucrative pay scale.

For more information on RHCE certification cost , RHCE exam voucher  or in case of any enquiry, feel free to contact SSDN Technologies to get your queries answered. 

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