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MTA 98-381 Introduction To Programming Using Python Course

About MTA 98-381 Training

Now be ready to learn the fundamentals of Python Programming and then preparing for the Microsoft Technology associate exam MTA 98-381. The expert trainers at SSDN Technologies, will deliver the knowledge in data types and operators. It also takes into consideration the control flow with the loops and decisions. The candidates will gain understanding of writing documentation, debugging, and maintenance of the good python code. The certification is granted to the candidate for MTA introduction to programming using python.


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With the proper Training by our certified professional, you will get an idea about the introduction to programming with the help of Python live lessons. The course develops ideas about the fundamentals of writing incorrect Python code to solve the real-world programming problems. The learned professionals will also deliver a hands-on experience for preparing for the Microsoft MTA exam.

Overall, SSDN Technologies has proved itself an expert in delivering the course. What’s more! There are special offers available. 

What you'll learn in MTA 98-381 Training?

  • Be able to sit for and pass the MTA 98-381 Python Certificate exams. 
  • Learn how to develop impressing Python applications in a few minutes/ hours. 
  • Add Python 3 to your Resume by Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). 
  • Create Programs using your logic and data structures. 
  • How to program the right way. 
  • Automate Coding Tasks By Building Custom Python Functions. 
  • Improve Efficiency, Save Time, Maximize. 


  •  Training from Industry Expert 
  •  Videos for All Modules 
  •  Exam Prep Kit 
  •  Official Study Material 
  •  Microsoft Certification 

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Python
Module 2: Writing Our First Python Program
Module 3: Data types in Python
Module 4: Operators in Python
Module 5: Input and Output
Module 6: Control Statements
Module 7: Arrays in Python
Module 8: Strings and Characters
Module 9: Functions
Module 10: Lists and Tuples
Module 11: Dictionaries
Module 12: OOPs concept

Target Audience for Introduction to Programming Using Python Course

  •  Beginners can also take this course with the previous coding experience. 
  •  Intermediates who are looking for sharpening their skills to the expert level can also go ahead with the course. 
  •  Anyone who is interested in learning Python fundamentals and advanced concepts will find the course to be immensely beneficial. 


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MTA 98-381 Introduction to Programming Using Python
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