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Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Exam Voucher

OCP Exam Voucher Overview

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Examination is a computer based, objective type examination, which will have multiple choice questions with a possibility of more than one correct answer for some questions. The total time allotted for the exam is 120 minutes in which 78 questions needs to be answered. The passing score to earn the OCP certification is kept as 66%.  

The Oracle Certified Professional Exam validates and certifies that the professionals who pass this exam has the necessary skills and experience which are required to manage, develop or implement enterprise-wide databases, middle-ware or applications. This examination is best suitable for professionals who work at the middle or senior level as an Oracle database administrator. An Oracle professional are qualified enough to install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot and backup an Oracle database. They can even configure and manage the Oracle network environment.

This Oracle voucher will work on below mentioned exams: 

  • Java Programmer: Java SE 8 Programmer II:  Pass exam 1Z0-809 
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator: Database 12c Administrator:  Earn 12c DBA OCA, complete one 12c Database training course and Pass exam 1Z0-063 
  • Oracle Database 12c R2 Administrator: Database 12c R2 Administrator:  Earn 12c R2 DBA OCA, complete one 12c R2 Database training course and Pass exam 1Z0-073 
  • PL/SQL Developer: Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer:  Pass one of these exams 
  • 1Z0-071 or 1Z0-144 and Pass exam 1Z0-148 
  • Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2021 Implementation Essentials (exam #1Z0-1054-21) 
  • Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables 2021 Implementation Essentials (exam #1Z0-1055-21) 
  • Oracle Financials Cloud: Receivables 2021 Implementation Essentials (exam #1Z0-1056-21) 

 Note :  Exam voucher is only valid in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. 

 Terms & Conditions:  

  • If you are purchasing voucher for more than one product then for every product you will receive separate emails. 
  • Once the voucher expires, the certification assessment attempt become invalid. 
  • The voucher code in this order may be used once and is not transferable to other products. 
  • Oracle the right to make changes in voucher expiration dates. Expiration dates are subject to change depending on course and promotion availability. 
  • The certification assessment attempt becomes invalid, once the voucher expire 
  • No refunds will be issued as all the sales by Oracle are final. 

Skills Measured For OCP Exam Voucher

The Oracle Certified Professional Exam tests and measures a professional on the following set of skills:

  •  Understanding of database architecture and Automatic Storage Management (ASM). 
  •  Configuration of the Oracle database for recoverability. 
  •  Performing user-managed backup and recovery options. 
  •  Utilizing Flashback Technology and Flashback Operations. 
  •  Proper management of database space, memory, resources and performance. 
  •  Manage and automate common tasks and jobs by using Scheduler. 
  •  Using the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) to configure a recovery catalogue. 
  •  Create various backup; perform recovery and duplicates of databases. 


OCP Exam Benefits

The current version of Oracle’s OCP certification is considered as one of the most challenging and comprehensive examinations in the field of database. Database managers and team leaders are looking for OCP qualifications in the candidates for key database positions, even recruiters of those companies where the Oracle DBMS is not in use. Professionals holding the OCP Certification maybe employment opportunity as a professional database administrator. Or else, he also can proceed further to build a more sound background in the OCP by earning the Oracle’s highest database certification known as the OCM or Oracle Certified Master. The major benefits which OCP examination offers are stated below-

  • Professionals will be able to create collections such as nested tables, arrays and associative arrays, PL SQL tables, etc. 
  • How to Use collection methods. 
  • How to manipulate collections. 
  • Describe SecureFile LOB features. 
  • How to enable SecureFile LOB deduplication, compression and encryption. 
  • Describe SQL injections. 
  • Reduce attack surfaces. 

Exam Overview



    What is an Oracle OCP Exam voucher?

    An OCP exam voucher is a prepaid way of paying for any Oracle examination. By purchasing Oracle Vouchers, the examinee can save money in the form of discount and also gets the chance to retake an Oracle examination in which he had failed in his first attempt. So, the examinee does not have to pay any extra cost to retake the examination. 

    How do I get Oracle Certified Professional Exam certified?

    A professional has to appear in the OCP examination and secure minimum 66% in order to achieve the OCP Certification.

    How many questions are there in Oracle Certified Professional Exam?

    The OCP examination has a total of 78 questions. Student need to attempt maximum number of question to pass the OCP exam

    How many types of Oracle certifications are there?

    There are currently 6 levels of Oracle Certification credentials and these are OCJA, OCA, OCP, OCM, OCE and OCS

    What is the validity period of Oracle Certified Professional Exam certification?

    The OCP certificate has lifetime validity, though Oracle can expire the examination related to the certificate.

    How to get OCP Exam voucher?

    Oracle certification exam voucher can be purchased from SSDN Technologies. You can also check the official website for purchasing the Oracle vouchers

    What is the cost of Oracle Certified Professional Exam?

    The cost of Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exam is $195 USD.

    Where to take Oracle Certified Professional Exam?

    The OCP examination can be taken both online and offline at the authorized Oracle testing centers or providers.

    For more information on Oracle Certification exam, Oracle certification exam voucher or for any other details on OCP certification, please contact SSDN Technologies now.

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