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    VMware Certification VCP7-CMA 2V0-731

    VMware VCP7-CMA Exam Overview

    The VMware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 examination is a 110 minutes examination that is conducted with a passing score of 300. The candidates are required to answer 85 questions. VMware Certified Professional 7 Cloud Management and Automation Exam (2V0-731) exam is conducted on the basis of testing candidates on their skills and abilities configuring, installing and administering VMware vRealize environment. The aim of the VMware exam is to cultivate the knowledge to configure vRealize Automation and its related Components, Tenants and Business Groups, manage XaaS Blueprints with Custom Resource Mappin, create and Modify vRealize Automation Blueprint, etc. VMware 2v0-731 certification is one of the most sophisticated examination in VMware.

    If you want the best training for VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam, then SSDN Technologies is the most reliable institute for VMware certification in Gurgaon. We will help you get the most efficient and reliable learning experience.

    Recommended Knowledge and Skills

    Here are the important knowledge and skills required to crack the VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 VMware exam voucher.

    •  Identifying the IaaS minimal deployment prerequisites 
    •  Validating the environment readiness for a given design based on install type 
    •  Creating and managing the LDAP directory for Active Directory in vRealize Automation 
    •  Managing Windows Integrated Authentication Directory in vRealize Automation 
    •  Configuring expiration and archive durations 
    •  Configuring machine prefixes 
    •  Configuring and managing networking components 
    •  Specifying compute, storage and memory resources 
    •  Configuring custom properties and property groups

    Recommended Training

    Here are important training courses that you can pursue prior to the VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 examination.

    •  VMware Cloud Automation: Designing and Deploying [V7.1] 
    •  VMware vRealize Automation: Installing, Configuring, Managing [V7.0] 


    Target Audience

    Here are the following target audience for VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 examination.

    •  Infrastructure personnel who can install and configure vRealize Automation solution running on vSphere 6.x. T. 
    •  Professionals who have atleast 6 months of experience in vRealize Automation implementation.


    Here are the important frequently asked questions regarding the VCP7-CMA  examination.

    What is Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam?

    The VMware exam name is VCP7-CMA 2V0-731. It is a 110 minutes long exam with the passing score of 300. The students who pursue the VMware course and appear for the training in SSDN Technologies get to learn about different abilities of installation, deployment, configuration of VMware Certified Professional 7 Cloud Management and Automation. 

    What is the cost of Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam?

    The cost of the VMware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam is $250. You can visit  for further details regarding the fees of the VMware examination. This fee is mandatory and all the candidates will have to pay for it. Without the fee, their name will not be enrolled.

    How long is VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 certification valid?

    The VMware 2V0-731 exam certification is valid for two years.. You can visit the official page to know more about the VMware certificate validation.

    Where to take Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam?

    You can visit the VMware official website to check where you can apply and give the Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam. You can also visit SSDN Technologies and we will help you out in determining where to give the VMware exam.

    How to prepare for Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 exam? 

    The aspirants who are interested to sit for the Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 examination, are required to follow the course syllabus that they can find at the official website. They should enroll themselves into an institute to study under a good faculty who will prepare them in the right way. 

    How do I get Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 certified?

    You will need to pass the VMware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 examination in order to get the verified certification from VMware . Visit the official website to get more information regarding the VMware exam certification.

    How to get Vmware exam voucher?

    Ssdn Technologies provide VMware exam vouchers. You can purchase it from here and the another way of getting VMware exam voucher is to successfully enrolled yourself for the VMware exam from an authorized testing centre or via the website. The details of the VMware examination have been mentioned in this article

    How long is the Vmware exam?

    The Vmware VCP7-CMA 2V0-731 examination is conducted for 110 minutes. All the candidates are required to finish their exam within the given time and there is no grace time allowed to anyone who is late.

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