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    VMware VSphere 6 Foundations 2V0-620 Exam

    VMware vSphere 6 Foundations (2V0-620) Exam Overview

    The  VMware 2V0-620 examination  is conducted over 115 minutes and has a passing score of 300. The candidates are required to answer 65 questions in total. The VMware exam is aimed to check the candidates on their abilities and skills administering, configuring and installing VMware vSphere 6 environment. All the successful candidates validate mastery of these skills and abilities. When the candidates pursue the VMware course to prepare themselves for the 2V0-620 VMware exam, they learn to install and configure vCenter Server and ESXi. They come across the techniques required to configure vSphere Networking, Configure vSphere Storage, Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines and vApps. Also, at the same time they get to know how they can establish and maintain Availability and Resource Management.

    If you want to prepare yourself for the  vmware 2v0-620 certification course  in the most efficient manner, then SSDN Technologies can be your ultimate destination.

    Recommended Knowledge and Skills

    Candidates who are willing to apply for the vmware 2v0-620 certification can have the following knowledge - 

    •  Understanding of the various data center solutions that interact with vSphere 
    •  Understanding of ESXi and vCenter Server architectures 
    •  Understating of the  new solutions offered in the current version 
    •  Determining appropriate vSphere edition based on the requirements of customers.  
    •  Performing an interactive installation of ESXi using media or PXE 
    •  Configuring NTP on an ESXi Host 


    Recommended Training

    Here are the recommended VMware training courses that the candidates can enroll themselves in order to get a better understanding of the VMware 2V0-620 examination.

    •  vSphere: Installing, Configuring, Managing [V6.0] 
    •  VMware vSphere: Bootcamp [V6] 
    •  VMware vSphere: Installing, Configuring and Managing plus Optimizing and Scale Fast Track [V6.0] 
    •  Exam Prep for VMware Certification: vSphere 6 Foundations Exam

    Target Audience

    The vmware 2V0-620 course has been aimed towards a certain audience which include 

    •  They are usually infrastructure personnel who have the ability to configuring, installing ESXi hosts and can easily use the VMware vCenter™ Server to manage,troubleshoot,monitor and administer virtual machines.



    Here are some important frequently asked questions - 

    What is Vmware 2V0-620 exam?

    The VMware 2V0-620 exam is a 115 minutes long VMware exam with the passing score of 300. The students who pursue the VMware course and appear for the VMware training in SSDN Technologies get to learn about different abilities of installation, deployment, configuration or managing different systems.

    What is the cost of Vmware 2V0-620 exam?

    The cost of the VMware 2V0-620 exam is $250. You can visit the official VMware website  for further details regarding the fees of the VMware examination. This fee is mandatory and all the candidates will have to pay for it. Without the fee, their name will not be enrolled.

    How long is 2V0-620 certification valid?

    The VMware 2V0-620 exam certification is valid for two years.  You can visit the official page to know more about the VMware certificate validation.

    Where to take Vmware 2V0-620 exam?

    You can visit the VMware official website to check where you can apply and give the Vmware 2V0-620 exam. You can also visit SSDN Technologies and we will help you out in determining where to give the VMware exam.

    How to prepare for Vmware 2V0-620 exam? 

    The aspirants who are interested to sit for the Vmware 2V0-620 examination, are required to follow the VMware course syllabus that they can find at the VMware official website. They should enrol themselves into an institute to study under a good faculty who will prepare them in the right way. 

    How do I get Vmware 2V0-620 certified?

    You will need to pass the VMware 2V0-620 examination in order to get the verified certification from VMware. Visit the official website to get more information regarding the VMware exam certification.

    How to get Vmware exam voucher?

    You will get the VMware exam voucher when you have successfully enrolled yourself for the VMware exam from an authorized testing centre or via the website. The details of the VMware examination have been mentioned in this article and for further details, you can visit the official website

    How long is the Vmware exam?

    The Vmware 2V0-620 examination is conducted for 115 minutes. All the candidates are required to finish their exam within the given time and there is no grace time allowed to anyone who is late.

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